7 ways to make your pets feel comfortable at home

When you adopt a pet, it’s your responsibility to make your pets feel comfortable. When your pets feel comfortable around you, they are more playful, happy, and live a longer life. So, in short, your pet’s comfort has a direct link to their health. Moreover, when you make your pets feel comfortable, they can trust and bond with you. So if you’re thinking of adopting a pet, or if you’re a new pet parent, this guide is for you. Hence, we made a guide on how to make your pets feel comfortable at your home.

How to make your pets feel comfortable at home

Pet-proof your house

The first step to make your pets comfortable at home is to make sure that they are safe at the house. Kindly pet-proof your house before bringing home a pet. Most pets have a habit of chewing things that can be dangerous; kindly make sure you put them away.
There should be no live wires or small hazardous objects lying around when your pet arrives.

Keep them in a single room

For the first few hours or days, keep your pets limited to one room only. Sometimes pets can feel overwhelmed by new spaces, so it’s essential to give them some time to adjust. If you believe that your pet is ready to explore the rest of your house, then go on an adventure.

Limited physical touch

We all want to cuddle our pets the moment they step into the house, but it’s essential to maintain boundaries. We know it’s almost impossible to keep yourself from cuddling your pets or interacting with them, but kindly limit the physical touch.
No matter what pet you bring home, they need time to recognize you as their new owners. So wait till they are accustomed to you, then cuddle with them as much as you want. Kindly note that some pets, like snakes, don’t like being held too much.

Play with them

If you have a pet like dogs, cats, or rabbits, kindly make sure you play with them. Some pet animals, like dogs, require more exercise and attention from their owners. While others, like cats or hamsters, love being to themselves. So kindly make sure that you play with them, but not more than enough.

Spend time at home

When you’re bringing home a pet, make sure you take some days off in advance. Your pets are new to the house, and they will require some tie adjusting to it. But, if you ignore them and go out to work, your pets might feel neglected. The number one rule to make your pets comfortable is to make them happy.

Proper food

Make sure you feed your pets an adequate amount of food.
Your pets need food that doesn’t harm their health, so check in with an expert before feeding your pet anything. Even if you’re resorting to homemade food, kindly verify if the food items are suitable for your specific pet.

Gentle training

If you’re training your pets, please be gentle towards them. Kindly do not resort to shouting or, even worse, violence. Your pets will never be able to trust you if you lose your temper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we train hamsters?

Yes, you can train hamsters and help them learn some tricks. You can also potty train your hamsters, even though it might take some time and patience.

Do dogs need a haircut?

Yes, many dogs need a haircut. In fact, many owners take their dogs to professional groomers. If your dog has long hair, it is better to groom it.

Can I train my pet at home?

Yes, you can train your pets at home. However, if you don’t have enough time to spend on the training, you can hire a professional.

How often should you visit a Veterinarian?

When your pet is young, you should visit your Veterinarian every month. Even when your pets grow older, you should be in constant contact with your Veterinarian in case of any emergency.

When you make your pets feel comfortable, you are contributing to a happier home. So, we hope that your pets and your home is happy. Nevertheless, it’s also essential to keep your visits to the Veterinarian frequent.