Easy Tips to Make your New Dog feel Comfortable at Home!

Wondering how to make your New Dog Feel comfortable at home? Well, introducing a new dog at home can be quite tricky at times. But, we are here to help.

After continuously binge-watching cute dog videos for five hours, you know it’s time to bring these furry creatures at home. Their presence will transform your place into a Home.

However, these furry friends need just as much care as a newborn baby. Every new dog parent needs to learn about dogs before welcoming them to a new home as they need time to adjust to a new environment.

So, for all the new dog parents out there, you have come to the right place as we will tell you a few points that will prove essential while helping a new dog to adjust to a new home.

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a man holding a baby dog in his arms

Tips to help your new dog adjust to your home:

Patience is the key to your dog’s heart:

When you get a new puppy, understand that your place will be new to them. They will spend their time sniffing your house, and they will urinate a LOT!

So, it’s better if you chill out a bit and have some patience. They will need a few days to adjust to your place and understand the location where they can excrete.

Attention, attention, and only attention:

One thing you need to note down is the fact that your puppy will require a tremendous amount of your attention. It’s a request from us that please do not ignore these new members, especially the first few days.

Even if you have work, adjust your timing and give them your time. (PS: We are so sure that these cute Lil babies won’t make you want to keep your eyes off them)

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Don’t start with the training immediately:

A baby dog sitting in a small cup kept in green field

As we said earlier, your dog needs to adjust to the environment. Wait for at least ten to fifteen days before you decide to train them. If your puppy is too small, then wait for a month.

It is also advisable that you are not too strict with training. If you persistently scold your dogs for their mistakes, they might start fearing you.

Schedule their food timings:

A small puppy will get hungry in no time, but you mustn’t over or underfeed them.

Caring for the new puppy is easier when you fix a schedule for their food consumption. You can give small treats in between, but their meal should be on proper timings.

Don’t let their energy go waste:

The amount of energy dogs have is incomparable. However, dogs can be destructive if they don’t let out their energy. So, you need to make sure that they engage in some activities like walking, playing, or running.

Some exercise is also necessary for your fur babies to ensure that they have a good sleep.

Introduce your dogs to some toys:

It is impossible to give your dog 24 hours of attention. Hence, get them some toys so that your fur babies have something to play with when you are not available.

Don’t leave them alone:

You can’t take your dogs everywhere with you. However, it is essential that you do not leave your new puppy alone at home.

Leaving them alone can trigger anxiety, chiefly if you have just adopted a dog. If possible, take a break from your regular work for a few days until they adjust to the place.

Dogs will make your lives better, but it is also necessary that we make their lives comfortable as well. Helping a new dog to adjust can be tiring for the owner, but with the right technique, your dog will soon be the apple of your eyes.