Every Pet Owner Must know these Litter Box Tips that’ll Make Handling Pet Litter a Breeze

Handling the litter box is the first step towards making sure your pet stays healthy. There are some litter box tips which you must follow in order to keep your home clean. I know that as a pet owner, you would do anything for your cat or dog. And, handling the litter is something that you would readily do.

litter box tips

But, there are many other things that need you and your pet’s attention than handling the litter all day. So, here are some litter box tips that every pet owner must know.

Litter Box Tips that Every Pet Owner Must Know

litter box tips

Placement of your litterbox

When placing your litterbox, do not keep it near a heater or a washing machine. Also, keep it away from the kitchen or the place your pet eats his or her food. Don’t throw it away in a corner, where its hard for the pet to go neither keep it in front of him. The litterbox should be placed in a quiet corner which is away from his food.

Use Baking Soda to keep it fresh

The strong scent of baking soda is powerful enough to eliminate and foul litter odor that might have been emanating from the litter box. So, sprinkle just enough baking soda in the litter box and the area around it. This will leave it smelling fresh. But, don’t overdo because pets love their smell and they can tell when it’s something new.

Don’t Use Covered Litter boxes

I know you want to have a litter box that can be covered because we don’t like to smell the litter all over our home. right? But, pets have this instinctive habit of digging inside their boxes. And. if you place a covered litter box you might restrict his or her body movements. Hence, though you don’t want, it’s better to go for an open litter box.

Avoid electronic litter boxes

I know you want to use an electronic litter box that cleans itself and creates less mess. But, trust me, it’s not worth it. Rather you can use a normal litter box and clean it yourself. The point being, when you check your pet’s litter you’ll be better aware of its health. Moreover, the electronic litter box also clogs itself.

Wash the Litter box

Pet odor can be hard to cut out. But it won’t be a problem if you clean the pet’s litter at least twice a day. Take it under running water and thoroughly wash it for at least a few minutes.

DIY a litter box

Rather than buying a new litter box every year, try DIY-ing one this year. It’s really easy. Use a large rectangular plastic tray and place it in a large box. Keep in mind that your pet will scratch it in order to cover it up. So, make sure that there is enough space for that.

Use a Metal Litter Scoop

If you’ve been using a plastic litter scoop, chances are you’ve become familiar with it. But try getting a metal scoop instead and you’ll find it much easier.

Use Multiple Litter boxes for multiple pets

You don’t want to use one litter box for multiple cats. Hence, it is recommended that you use multiple litter boxes. That means 10 litter boxes for 10 cats who stay at your home.

So, these were the Litter box tips that every pet owner must know. I hope now you have an easier time handling pet litter. Hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, ask me through the contact form below.

litter box tips