11 Things to include in your new Labrador puppy checklist

After turning your life upside down, these dogs will make the cutest face and get away with it. Yes, we are talking about Labradors as pets. When you decide to adopt a pet labrador, you cannot even imagine how your life will change by welcoming these goofballs into your house.

Things to include in your new Labrador puppy checklist

Though you will invest half of your time drooling in their cuteness, you need a new labrador puppy checklist. When you bring home a puppy, you need to ensure that you are doing everything right. A new labrador puppy checklist can be of great importance as you have to prepare for a new member. So after talking to some experts and doctors, we present you with a new labrador puppy checklist. 

Things to include in your new Labrador puppy checklist

Things to include in your new Labrador Puppy Checklist

  1. Puppy proof the entire house before bringing your puppy. Make sure that there are no open wires, cables, or small objects that can hurt your puppy. 
  2. Two separate bowls for food and water can help you differentiate between the intake amount of food and water your puppy is having. 
  3. Purchase puppy food for your new member as they should not eat adult dog food. A puppy of one or two months should eat puppy food or mashed boiled food so that your pet doesn’t have any problem with indigestion. 
  4. pet barrier for your Labrador puppies is a must because they have the habit of raiding the kitchen. A Labrador puppy understands within no time that they get food from the kitchen. And as labradors love food, they will sit there and won’t let you work or make food. 
  5. Your home should have tons of soft chew toys for puppies. Make sure you don’t get the hard chew toys as they are for adult dogs. Your young labrador puppy will need a soft chew toy to help them with teething.
  6. Kindly hide your shoes from your pet labradors. Pet labradors love chewing on shoes and slippers more than any chew toy. We are adding to the checklist because your shoes will be gone before you know it. So save your shoes, thank us later. 
  7. In the initial days, labradors might stain your carpet or bed. Though they are quick learners, you should get puppy stain removers so that your sheets remain clean. 
  8. Your labrador puppy might need some warm puppy clothes to survive the weather condition. You might not need one if the climate is hot, but if you live in an area where the weather is cold, we recommend purchasing puppy clothes.
  9. A thing you should add to your new Labrador puppy checklist is a playlist of dog sleep music. Since Labrador puppies leave their siblings and mother, they might get anxious while arriving at a new place. Dog music can prove beneficial as they help them calm down and adjust to their new home. 
  10. Puppy treats for your labradors can help in quick training and positive affirmation. Since Labradors pick up habits from a young age, you can start giving them treats for urinating in the right place. However, kindly use positive affirmation and love even if they mess up. 

Now that you have everything from your new Labrador puppy checklist, we think that you should get ready to welcome them at home. Prepare yourselves to save a thousand pictures of your pet labrador because you can never get enough of them.