Top Tips for Keeping Canaries as Pets

Keeping Canaries as pets? The canaries are good pets and an even better companion. Though they can persuade anyone from their cute glance, you as a pet parent will need to care for canaries as pets. Everything you need to know about getting a Canary as a Pet

The canaries are cute, but they are small and fragile. Although you won’t have to alter your work to take care of them, there are some points you should grasp in mind to keep your canary healthy. So, we bring you some exclusive FAQs and information on how to care for canaries as pets.¬†

Can I hold my Pet Canary in my hands?

You can hold your canaries in your hand, but you have to be careful with them. The canaries are fragile birds, and you can injure them while handling them.

Can I keep two canaries together?

It is advisable to avoid keeping your canaries together as they are territorial. If you have two canaries, we suggest you keep them in two separate cages.

Can I take my Canary out of the cage?

You can take them out of the cage but take the necessary precautions. Switch off the fans, close the windows, and make sure there are no open wires in the place you want to let out your pet bird.

Yellow canary sitting on a branch in a cage

Things to keep in Mind while Keeping Canaries as Pets

  • Avoid holding your canaries as much as you can

As we said earlier, the canaries are very fragile birds. They can get hurt by poor handling. Many pet parents don’t know how to hold these little birdies and end up injuring their pets. It is advisable that you ask an expert to demonstrate to you how to hole canaries before you decide to handle them.

  • It is necessary for you to clean their cage regularly

The canaries might be small, but they make a mess of their home. Just like any other birds, canaries also excrete in their cage. If you don’t clean their residence, it will end up smelling that will cause them discomfort. An unclean crate can also cause infection to your pet bird. So make sure you clean their place every once a week.

  • Your canaries will need a nail trimming once a month

Trimming nails for canaries can be a tedious task as their nails appear to be small. It requires the right technique to hold your bird and trim their nails. But canaries are small and fragile, so you can’t take any risk. If you are a beginner, please do not attempt to cut your pet’s nails by yourself. Kindly visit a doctor or an expert whenever your pet canary requires a nail trimming session.

  • Fresh drinking water should be available at their cage

The canaries love hopping and flying around their cage. As a result, they get thirsty quite often. So, it’s important that clean drinking water is available to your pet canary at all hours.

Also, please note that you have to keep changing the water twice every day.

Collage with canaries and text in the center

You have to extra careful while handling your pet canary. If you are not aware of how to take care of a canary, please visit an expert. It is essential for you to know the basics so that your pet bird can live a healthy life. Nevertheless, if you are reading this article, you just took one step towards helping your canaries grow. We are sure that by doing your research, you will prove to be the best parent for your pet bird!