Interesting facts you need to know about Squirrels as Pets

Squirrels, this adorable nut-cracking creature might seem cute, but they are as notorious as a four-year-old baby. Squirrels as pets will always keep you occupied in some task or the other. In other words, let us just say that having a squirrel means that you will never need a television again because they are a full entertainment package. Hence, if you want a pet squirrel, you have to do your research before bringing one home. Unfortunately, many people on the internet suggest you avoid keeping squirrels as pets because of the extra care they require. However, if you are ready to take up the responsibility, you have come to the right place. We bring you all the FAQs and facts you need to know about squirrels as pets before adopting one. 

Facts about squirrels as pets

Do squirrels bond with humans?

You might have seen squirrels running away from humans when one approaches them. However, squirrels can bond with humans once they can trust one. 

Can you tame a squirrel?

Contrary to popular belief, taming a squirrel is quite easy. You have to be patient with your pet and wait to learn.

Do squirrels remember humans?

Yes, squirrels have a high memory power through which they can remember humans or even the places where they can receive food. 

Facts about Squirrels as pets

Facts about squirrels as pets

Squirrels are affectionate, and they love attention

A pet squirrel will crave your attention and affection. Your pet squirrel might even climb to your face, give you some cute kisses, and cuddle you around your neck. In other words, you will never be short of love when you have a squirrel around. 

Squirrels can get anxious if you leave them alone for long hours

One of the drawbacks you can face while adopting a squirrel is their extreme separation anxiety. If you are gone for long hours, they will start searching for you and freak out if they do not find you. So, if you are getting a squirrel as a pet, you might have to cut down your time outdoors. 

Your pet squirrel will require pure vegetarian food

Squirrels mostly eat nuts, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. You have to make sure that they don’t eat any meat, dog, or cat food because that can be dangerous to their health. They are not picky eaters, so even if you give them the same food every day, your squirrels are going to eat them lovingly. 

Squirrels are very fond of their home and will also help you clean up

The most common problem you might face with a dog or any other pet is that they might distort your house decor while playing. Although this is not a problem, many owners do find cleaning up their pet’s mess difficult. However, squirrels are not at all messy. They will run around the house, climb up the shelf, but they will barely misplace any item from your household. So if you want a pet and maintain your home’s aesthetic at the same time, squirrels as pets are your best bet. 

Your pet squirrel won’t need regular walks, but outings can be a change of mood for them

Once squirrels are fond of their home, they might not want to leave the safe place. Running around the house and cage might give them enough energy to keep them entertained. However, they might enjoy outings with their owners and a bit of fresh air once in a while. Hence the next time you go to a picnic, be sure you bring your pet squirrel with you. 

Once you bring home squirrels as pets, they are going to behave like your kid. They will play with you, sleep with you, and often jump on the bathtub with you. In short, adopting a squirrel as a pet can be the best decision of your life. What are you waiting for? This is your sign to get your live nutcracking beings at home.