How To Train Your Pet Budgie – Easy Steps to Train Budgerigars

Budgies are the cutest and chattiest pets you can ever have. Budgies are so cute and so adorable. Do you own a Budgie? If you don’t then you should. Budgies or Budgerigar is a Kind of Parrot. It mostly eats seeds and are generally found in bright green and yellow colors. However, you can also find Blue, White and Many other exotic colored Budgies these days. It’ll just take some time and patience to get your Budgie to talk with you and repeat what you say.

Training Your Budgie to get them to talk to you is what everyone wants. Training Budgerigars is fairly easy as Budgies are creature of habit and quickly get used to your voice and their environment. However, some Budgies may take time to open up and bond. So, here are some tips on Training your Budgie.

How To Train Your Pet Budgie

how to train your Budgies

Give the Budgie Time to Adjust to His New Home

When you get a New Budgie, give him some time to get used to the new environment he is in. It might take him upto a week or less to get accustomed to you. Budgies are very friendly birds. However, in the beginning, they might not even respond to food or treats. Keep at it and be patient.

Do not make noise near the Bird

Keep Kids or other Pets or Family Members in the house away from the new member in the house. Kids generally get over excited when they see a new Pet. Though this might be fun of Kids, it’s stressful for your Budgie. So, introduce them slowly to your family members

Take to them in soft tone

Always use a soft tone and say their name more often, so that they get used to your voice. It’ll take time but gradually, your Budgie will memorise your voice and will feel safe it it’s presence.

Finger train your Budgie

Budgie Love Millets. However, this should be only given as an occasional treat to them. Hold the Millet between your fingers and allow the bird to eat it. It might take some time as in the beginning, seeing your finger, he will fly off to the corner of the cage. However, keep repeating this procedure every few minutes and slowly he will get used to your finger and will come along. Once the bird perches on your Finger, you can be sure, that he has found faith in you.

Leave them out of the cage for some time

When you are leaving the cage open for an house tour of your Budgie, first, close all the drapes and curtains of the house. Switch off the fans and keep other Pets way. Don’t allow kids near the Budgy as they will scare off the Budgie. Make sure there is no trauma as these Birds do get traumatised and then it’s difficult to recover back. Once your Bird takes a house tour, he will surely look for your finger to perch on and then you can slowly place it back in the cage.

Sing to Your Budgie

Budgies love songs and memories them pretty quickly. Sing soft songs and tunes near your Budgie and soon you’ll see that he is repeating them again.

Talk to your Budgie every often

From repraring their name to praising them on eating, you should always talk to your Budgie. Also read books and stories to your Budgie. Budgie loves human interactions and will soon start to pick up words. However, it might take upto 3 months for your Bird to start to talk.

Teach them Up and Fly Commands

Hold the budgie by the chest and say Up. Slowly the Budgie will realise that it’s the command for him to perch on your finger and it’ll fly up. Also, give commands to fly and walk up the stairs and slowly he’ll understand it and follow it.

So, these were some tips on Training Pet Budgies. Training Budgerigars is fairly easy and extremely rewarding. Budgies can remember upto 1000 words in a lifetime. So, keep at it and be patient, it’ll surely pay off well.