How to Train a Pot Bellied Pig – A Brief guide to Training Pot Bellied Pig

Pot Bellied Pigs are just like any other Pigs and they too can be easily trained. Many people believe that they are wild and can hurt you. Well, that’s not true. Actually, if you see, any Pig might hurt you, when they are distrustful of you. So, the first step is to get your Pig to trust you. Pot Bellied Pig Training is actually just like training any other Pig breed. Here are tips on training pot Bellied Pig at home.

Pot Bellied Pig Training

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Pot Bellied Pig Training

Give them commands to follow

Pot Bellied pigs are as intelligent as Dogs and respond greatly to human commands. The only thing is just like Dogs, you will have to be patient and keep repeating your command unless your Pig masters it. Once they follow, give them the treat to appreciate their behavior.

Teach them to go for Bathroom outside

After every few hours, take your Pig for a walk outside. Teach them to go for Bathroom outside. Once, they comply with your command, give them a small treat to appreciate their good behavior.

Be patient while training your Pot Bellied Pig

Always be patient and do not rush into anything, while training your Pot Bellied Pig. Pot Bellied Pigs might take some time to respond to human commands, however, keep at it. Talk to them, call their name and when they recognize your voice they will start to respond better to you.

Train only when your pig is ready

Most owners forget that pigs are rather stubborn Pets. So, if you force commands on them, chances are they will ignore you. So, while they are listening to you, teach them your commands so as to sit or stand or go outside, etc.

Train only for limited periods

Training Pigs works well when you do it for a limited period of time. You should not extend the training period for more than 5 minutes or else your Pig will be disinterested and shall ignore all your commands and efforts.

Only give small treats

While many of us give treats when we want to gain the trust of our pigs, you should always make sure that these treats are all in small portions. Oversized treats will be unhealthy and your Pig will get fat.

So, these were some tips on Pot Bellied Pig Training. Pot Bellied Pigs are just like any other Pigs and respond greatly to praises and commands. So, these tips on training pot Bellied Pigs will help you have a healthy bond with your Pet.

Pot Bellied Pig Training