How to teach your Cat to do tricks

Are you concerned as to how to teach your Cat do do tricks. Cats too can be trained to do tricks. Cat tricks are so pleasing to watch. You’re really lucky if your Cat does tricks for you. If not and you want to learn about Cat tricks and teach your Cat to do it. Then you can learn all about Cat tricks and how to teach them here. Cats are innately independent animals, so teaching them to do tricks needs a lot of patience and time.

Follow the steps below to learn the Cat tricks.

Cat to do tricks

Image by Helga Kattinger from Pixabay

Teaching your cat to do tricks

  • First treat them well: You must have treats in handy when you’re trying to treat your Cat. You can give Fishes or Tuna or Bite sized chicken or any other dry food to your Cat. Any strong smelling treats does well with cats.
  • Grab your Cat’s attention: It’s a very simple. You need to get your Cat’s attention to yourself. So, use treats or use clickers so that it ticks the attention of your Cat. And when your Cat comes towards you hearing the sounding, treat your Cat just then. Repeat this pattern for 10 times or until your Cat is interested.
  • Teach your Cat one trick at once: You cannot rush with your Cat. You have to give it time to learn these tricks. So, just teach one trick at once to your Cat. If you try more than one trick at once your Cat will get confused.
  • Train your Cat to do high five: It is a really easy Cat trick. You can start by holding the treat in your Palm and once your Cat raises it’s paws for the treat then raise your hand higher and take a high five from it, as it grabs the treat.
  • Shake hands with your Cat: When your Cat lifts his paws then hold his paws and shake it. Also treat him and give him a head ruffle to teach him that this is a good behavior.

So, this is how you should go about teaching your Cat to do tricks. So, from now on you can learn these and get your Cat to do it.