How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl?

Keeping fish in a bowl is the best option for anyone who has not got a lot of space for a large aquarium. If you love fishes and you want them in your home, you can have them. Who cares if it is not an aquarium. A fishbowl is an equally excellent idea if not more. You can decorate it the way you want. You can have your favorite pet fishes and play with your finny friends as much as you want. And, here I will give you a proper guide on How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl so that you are all set.

How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl

How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl

Choosing the Fishbowl

One of the prime things about a fishbowl is its size. You can either have a 1 gallon or 2 gallons or 3-gallon sized fishbowl for your home. But, keep in mind that larger the size the heavier the fishbowl. So, in case you want to move your bowl around it would be difficult. So choose a size that you can carry and that fits your favorite fishes.

Cleaning the Fishbowl

After you’ve got a fishbowl its time to clean it up. You need some warm water and some non-iodized salt to clean it. Keep in mind that you CANNOT use soap for cleaning your fishbowl.

Decorating your Fishbowl

Once you have a clean, shiny and sparkly fishbowl, you have the choice to decorate it. Get small pebbles, colorful rocks, artificial plants from the pet store. Wash them up real nice and place them at the bottom of the fishbowl. 1-inch of gravel for 1 gallon of a fishbowl.

Filling your fishbowl with water

Tapwater works best for a fishbowl. However, keep in mind that you will have to add some conditioners from time to time. Depending upon the quality of water in your area you can ask the local pet store to suggest proper chemical for eliminating the chlorine contents from water. After you’ve added the conditioner, wait for about an hour for the water to get cleaned before you throw in your fishes.

Add fishes in the fishbowl

How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl

This is the most interesting part. Choose fishes which can survive in a fishbowl. For example – Tetra, Guppies, and etc. The atmosphere in a fishbowl is extremely different from what fishes experience in an aquarium. Therefore while you are at the pet store searching for fishes, ONLY look for fishes that can survive in a fishbowl. Gently float the plastic bag with the fish in it for about 10-20 minutes unless the fish swims out of it smoothly. Keep floating the bag for some more time so that your fish gets time to adjust in the new environment.

Taking Care of a Fish in a bowl

After you’ve added your fishes into the fishbowl and you’ve uploaded the photos of your new fishbowl on Instagram, it’s time to take care of it. Keep in mind that you cannot keep it near the window. The fishbowl has not got temperature regulators like an aquarium. Hence, it’s better to keep your fishes at a partially shady place. Not too dark, nor too hot. Clean the water at least once a week. Don’t add too much food or else it will get dirty. Just give them enough food which they can finish in 5 minutes. Your fishes will defecate in the fishbowl so make sure you clean it up regularly.

Getting Oxygen in your Fishbowl

A large surface area will generate more oxygen in your fishbowl. Another interesting way to increase oxygen in your fishbowl is by using a pitcher to pick up water from the fishbowl and taking it quite high. Then pour it back into the fishbowl. The water will carry oxygen on its way back to the bowl.

How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl

So, this was How to take Care of a Fish in a bowl. Cleaning it regularly, making sure the temperature is optimal and lastly choosing the best food item for them are some of the prime requirements for a fish tank. I am sure you’ll be able to create a beautiful home for your fishes.