How To Set Up Tropical Fish Tank

Tropical Fishtanks or Freshwater fish tanks are the most common fishtanks found in almost all homes today. Freshwater fish tanks can house freshwater fishes. If you are a first-timer in setting up an aquarium, chances are you will get a Tropical freshwater Aquarium. So, do not worry, here are all the tips you’ll find extremely helpful in setting up a Tropical fish tank at home.

Setting up Tropical Fish Tank

#1. Keep the Aquarium at the optimal temperature

Tropical Aquariums housing tropical fishes need to be maintained at optimal temperatures. You cannot keep it in a place that gets direct sunlight or is too cold and dark. The optimal temperature of the water should be between 24C to 27 C. Also it is important that you do not keep your aquarium near speakers or sound boxes and it should be kept in a place which is kind of quiet.

#2. Keep the Fish tank out of reach for pets or kids

Pets such as Dogs and Cats have a habit of sitting on top of the aquarium or barking near it. Kids do have a habit of screaming near the aquarium. These things will disturb your fishes. So, keep the fish tank at a height and out of reach of kids and other pets.

#3. Fill the Tank with gravel

You can get aquarium gravel in Pet stores easily. You can take the help of a scoop to pour the gravel in your fish tank. Keep in mind that it should be having more height at the back and should be low in the front. The 5-10cm difference is optimal. And with the aquarium gravel with clean water and rinse it thoroughly before you pour it in the tank.

#4. Slowly add the water

You should add water to your fish tank slowly. Be careful to not splash direct water onto your gravels. Using any utensil or bowl and allowing water to slowly starting to overflow from it is the best possible way out. Also, be sure to use filtered and dechlorinated water for your Fishtank.

#5. Add toys in your aquarium

Add Aquarium toys especially near the corners or in the center of the Aquarium. You can use a cave or wrecked ship. These are easily available in pet stores or online and are an essential part of setting up a tropical aquarium. Your fishes should have a place where they can hide or relax. Nevertheless, be sure to not crowd your aquarium with toys. There should be enough empty space where your Fishes can swim freely.

#6. Add plants for decoration

You cannot have an aquarium without plants. Place artificial or live plants in your aquarium for a dramatic view. You can use tall plants or creepers for the back of the tank and keep the smaller ones for the front decoration.

#7. Add a thermometer to your fish tank

You should always have a thermometer attached to your fish tank. This will help you keep the temperature of the water in check. Since Tropical fishes thrive in 24-27 C you need to maintain an average warm water temperature always.

#8. Attach a filter to your Aquarium

Filters are the most important thing in any Aquarium. These are easily available in pet stores so you do not need to worry about finding it. You should attach it to your Aquarium so that it filters out the water regularly.

#9. Build Bacterias in your Filter

Essential Bacterias are very important for fishes to thrive in your aquarium. For this, you can do a fishless cycle by keeping your filter on for at least 3-4 days or you can keep some fish food and keep the filter on.

#10. Allow fishes get adjusted to the tank water

Before you put your fishes in the tank water, place some of the tank water in the same bowl where your fishes are there. This will allow your fishes to get used to tank water firsthand.

So, these were some tips on setting up your Tropical Aquarium.