How to Play with your Pet Fishes?

Wondering How to play with your Pet Fishes? How to Keep them entertained? Believe it or not, fishes do play. They do want to get entertained. And, when you learn about the things that you and your pet fishi can do together, I bet you would be jumping around your home with joy.

Talking about jumping, did you know that if got a betta pet fish then sometimes – through proper training – they can even jump out of water?

Well, yes, my friend. All you need to do is learn some tricks. And within no time your fishi will be performing brilliant tricks and feeding off your hand.

how to play with your pet fishes

So, Here is how to play with your Pet Fishes?

Throw a Ping Pong Ball in the water

Believe it or not, a Ping Pong balls is quite a fun thing not just for cats or dogs but for fishes as well. Fishes especially beta will be busy moving around the ball in the water and can keep himself entertained.

Feed them off your Hands

Who says you can’t feed a fish off your hands. Well, all you got to do is just take the first step. Take some food in your hand (it is fun if it’s live) and hold it a little above the water (if you want your fish to jump and catch) or hold it underwater. And, you will see the small little fishi swimming towards you and feeding off your hands.

Create doodles on the wall of Aquarium

Use an erasable marker to make some interesting patterns on the walls of the Aquarium. Draw anything. It could be a mystery box that your fish tries to investigate, or it can be a cute heart that she tries to blow kisses to.

Keep Faux Fishes on the Outside of the Aquarium

Just like a Cat behaves mysteriously around another cat, similarly, a fish behaves mysteriously around another fish. This is true for both real and faux fishes. I would always recommend you to keep some faux fishes outside the Aquarium and watch how your betta fishes try to investigate its whereabouts. It’s really fun to watch them do all that.

Throw in some Floating Toys

By now you must have known that betta fishes are really fun to play with. So, to double their energy and get them more active you could throw in some floating toys. Toys like a leafy hammock or a plastic rock or a floating fake octopus and things like that. Those are sure to entertain your fish and get him all excited.

Swim through Hoops

This is perhaps one of the most fun things to do with your betta fish. You could fix a hoop across the aquarium with a bait on the other end. Keep it as low as possible and your fish will try getting towards the other end by floating across to the other end. But slowly, through enough practice, they will be able to jump to the other end of the pool to grab that bait and you can have your fun little treat watching your fish swim out of the water.

how to play with your pet fishes

So, these were the fun games that you can play with your fish. I am sure you found these games quite interesting. There are many other games such as sticking a poster on the walls of the Aquarium with some weird drawings on holding a mirror so that your fish can see herself and get all excited.