Simple and Easy Ways to keep your dog busy indoors

If you have a dog at home, you will know that dogs love to play around and meet new people. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, we require to keep our furbabies at home. And a friendly reminder, dogs can create a nuisance when they are bored.

However, worry not, because if you are wondering how to keep dogs busy at home, you have come to the right place.

Here are some easy ways to keep your furbabies busy indoors

Get them a bunch of Soft Squishy Toys:

Dogs love playing with toys, especially if they are squeaky toys. It’s entertaining for them to play around with a toy that makes some noise. The fact that the toy makes a sound when they bite it baffles them, and as a result, they want to play with them for as long as the mystery continues.

keep dogs busy at home

Squeaky and soft toys are the best toys to keep dogs busy and to ensure that they never face boredom.

Play a game of hide and seek:

Many might not know this, but dogs love playing hide and seek. Hide in a place and call their name, and see their cute reaction when they find you. However, if you are too busy to play this game, you can hide their toys and tell them to find it.

Create a new toy for them at home:

If you have a dog at home, you might have noticed that instead of playing with toys, these naughty babies will play with your slippers to grab your attention. In that case, you can use some DIY toys to keep your dogs busy. Grab a cloth, knot it down, and give it to your dog. We are sure they will love it more than any other toy in the room.

Let them do some guesswork:

Puzzle their minds with some guessing games. Take their treat in one hand, close it and let your dog select the palm that contains their food. If they get it right, then give them their treat, and if not, play until they get it done.

The game will not only keep them entertained indoors but will also improve their ability to smell and use their brains.

Give your dog a nice soothing massage:

massage your dog

If you have an old dog that suffers from arthritis, massaging can be a great way to ease their pain and keep them entertained. Massage can also help in curing anxiety and stress, and can also help your furbabies have a nice sleep.

Allow them to jump through some obstacles:

Create some obstacles at home and let them jump through it. The best way to practice this is to lay down some toys, towels, or boxes in the way. Let your dog be on one end, and place a treat on the other. Now call your dog and see how much fun they have reaching to the destination.

This game is also useful if you want to teach your dogs about obedience and mannerisms.

keep dogs busy at home

So, these were some proven and tested ways to keep your Dog Busy and Entertained at home. I hope you liked this article.