How to Keep Bunnies Cool – Tips for Rabbit Care During Summers

Rabbits are extremely sensitive to hot temperatures. As high as 80F can get frustrating and stressful for a Rabbit. Rabbits are Homeothermic Animals and can maintain a stable temperature. It’s the long ears of Rabbits which help them dissipate the heat and maintain their cool. Are you concerned as to how to keep Bunnies cool in hot temperatures? Well, do not worry! here are the best tips to keep Bunnies cool. Whether you have an indoor Bunny or you keep your Bunny outdoor, these tips will help in keeping Bunny cool in summer. So, without delay let us check these tips out below.

Keeping Bunnies Cool

How to Keep Bunnies Cool

Keep Rabbit cage in a shady area

If you are keeping your Rabbit in a Cage and outdoors, then make sure, the cage is kept in a shady area. Rabbits are extremely sensitive to hot temperature and many Rabbits even die due to the heat. So, make sure the Cage is kept in a cool place.

Cover the cage

Consider covering the cage with a wet cloth so that evaporation helps keep the cage cool for your Rabbit. Or else, just covering it will help the Rabbit feel cool amidst the heat.

Keep a Frozen water bottle in the cage

This is a tried and tested trick. Take a water bottle – preferably soda bottles and freeze it with water. Now, keep that frozen bottle in the cage. Your Rabbit will love it and shall stick to it to remain cool.

Keep a cooling pad on the cage floor

Cooling Pads help a lot in hot weather. You can keep the cooling pad on the cage floor and it’ll keep your Bunny cool for at least 3 to 4 hours.

Keep a Ceramic Tile on the Cage floor

If you do not have a Cooling Pad, just place a tile on the cage floor. This will prevent the heat from the ground effect your Rabbit and the cool tile will be so comforting for him.

Set up a Fan arrangement for the Cage

You should have a small fan or cooler for the cage. Also, please make sure that the fan is circulating. If it keeps blowing in one direction, it’ll make it even more uncomfortable for the Bunny. When the fan is circulating, it’ll slowly bring the temperature down by a few degrees and your Rabbit will feel better.

Mist your Rabbits Ears

The Long ears of your Rabbit are the most important body part through which they dissipate heat. If you use a damp cloth and mist their ears, they’ll feel much more relaxed and also their body temperature will get controlled in an instant. If your Rabbit is especially uncomfortable, misting their Ears will comfort them in an instant.

Trim the Furs for Summer

The major concern for Summers is the fur. Flies are a major concern for Summers. When Rabbits are in a moist and damp place and even their fur is damp, more than most times, they get attacked by flies. At this moment, you need to be very careful and take them to the Vet for proper medication and care. Also trimming the Fur can help keep out flies infesting on your Bunny.

Make sure your Bunny is hydrated

You can place ice-cold water or Ice Cubes in the water that you keep for your Bunny to drink. Make sure your Bunny is drinking water. Many older Rabbits tend not to drink water during the Summer months. At this time you need to get them out of the cage and slowly feed them with water.

Consider keeping them indoors during the hot hours

Finally, when it’s extremely hot outside, you should keep him indoors in an air-conditioned environment. And just before dusk, you can let him loose to run around outside and enjoy.

So, these were some tips which you can use to keep Bunnies cool. Rabbits are super-sensitive to hot weather and hence Keeping Bunny cool in summer, is an absolutely essential thing or else your Bunny might even die due to heatstroke or shock. So, be careful of any signs of illness and rush to the Vet immediately if you notice them. Otherwise, these tips will help your Bunny keep cool during the hot months.