How to Keep an Amazing Hedgehog Pet

Hedgehogs are one of the most loved and adored Pets today. However, if you are a first-time pet owner, I would suggest you to not own a Hedgehog. Hedgehogs need constant care and are a huge responsibility. They are much difficult to care for than a Hamster. Hedgehogs have quills all over their body, However, you should not feel scared with their quills. These are just raised when they feel threatened. Keeping Hedgehog as Pet is a great idea. A Pet Hedgehog is not only exotic but is the quietest and cleanest Pet you’ll ever own. Hedgehogs do not stink often (unless you clean their cage every few days). So, if you are thinking about keeping Hedgehog as Pet, then here are the best tips on keeping a Pet Hedgehog.

Keeping Hedgehog as Pet

Understand your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are insectivorous creatures. These are really small creatures who are mostly nocturnal and have very poor eyesight. Hedgehogs have very poor eyesight. However, they have a long snout and hence, they have a very strong sense of smell. The quills on their body are part of Muscles which are only raised when they feel threatened. They like to keep calm and only hiss at you when they are stressed and threatened.

Give them time to know you

When you keep a Pet Hedgehog, then you must know that it will take a while for the Hedgehog to form a bond with you. Hedgehogs associated with scents. So, use your T-Shirts or clothes which have your strong scent to cover them or keep it in their Cage or Pouch so that they breed in it and finally get used to your Scent. Once, they get used to your scent, bonding with them will be so much easier.

Give them Hedgehog Food

Cat or Dog food can serve as an alternative to Hedgehog food but is not the ideal food for them. Get Hedgehog food, which has crushed insects and other minerals and vitamins they need and feed them once or twice every day. Never feed Milk to your Hedgehog as it can give them diarrhea. Rather give them water and allow them to drink it at their own pace.

Running Wheel Cage for Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can get really active at night. So, a wheel cage will help them exhaust their energy quickly and they will not even feel suffocated and restricted. Also, keep the bottom of the cage covered with a soft cloth as a wired cage will hurt their small feet and paws.

Hold them in a Hedgie Pouch

Get a Hedgehog Pouch. A Hedgie Pouch is very effective as you can wear it all day and keep your Hedgehog with you. This will also make your Hedgehog feel much safer and it’ll get more time to get used to your scent.

Take Care of Your Hedgehog’s Health

Hedgehogs can develop several kinds of diseases, such as they might have foot sores or have quills falling over due to mites and have a bald patch developed or even might have some teeth diseases. Whenever you see any unusual behavior like refusal to food for a long time or Quills falling all over, chances are your Hedgehog is ill and needs medical assistance soon, So, quickly pay a visit to the nearest Vet and get them treated.

Play with Your Hedgehog

Although Hedgehogs are not Playful, you need to develop a bond with them. By talking to them and letting them getting used to your voice and sound, or allowing them to walk all over you and explore you or Allowing them to nap over you, you’ll see that gradually your Hedgehog starts trusting you and will not raise their quills. Be careful with their Quills and hold them only from the sides. If you try to hold your Hedgehog from the top it’ll ball up and you will hurt your hands. So, be careful and always hold it from the sides.

So, these were some tips on Keeping Hedgehog as Pet. Hope you have a wonderful time with your Pet Hedgehog and find this article helpful.