A guide on how to Care for Your Pet Snail

If you are thinking of getting a pet and don’t want to change your entire routine while caring for them, then a pet snail is the right companion for your home. Caring for a snail is easy as they don’t have many demands, and they like being in their own World. You don’t have to spend your entire fortune while caring for a pet snail, as all the items that your snail will require to survive come at an affordable range. So, if you want to know about how to care for your pet snail, you have come to the right place. We have curated some Frequently Asked Questions and some expert advice on how to care for your pet snail.

snails sleeping on a persons neck

Word of mouth by our experts:

How long will my pet snail live?

If your snail is healthy, then your pet can live a life of 25 years. In some cases, they live a short life of 5 years, but that happens because they have lived most of their lives in the land.

Do snails recognize their owners?

Snails have a short memory, and they can’t remember things for a long time. However, after a year or two, your pet snail will start recognizing small things about its owners. They still won’t recognize your full face, but they can remember small details about you.

Do snails bite?

No, snails will never bite their own or anyone. They have tiny teeth that they use for food and not to bite someone.

How to care for your pet snail:

The temperature should be appropriate for your snail:

Snails do not enjoy too hot or too cold weather, and hence it is best to keep them at room temperature. You won’t require any heaters, but make sure that your snail is not under the contact of too much heat.

Snails require substrate in their tank to feel comfortable:

Snail Substrate is one of the most important things you need to get for your pet snail. Their substrate mainly contains soil and mosses. Please note that do not put your garden’s soil in their tank because it might have bacterias that can cause various health issues and infections.

Your snail will need calcium along with their daily food:

Any fruits and veggies (except citrus fruit) are healthy for a snail. However, snails need an extra dosage of calcium to keep their shells intact. It is advisable to feed your snails with eggshells or cuttlefish so that they remain healthy.

At any cost, do not feed your snail any kind of salt:

Salt is hazardous for a snail’s life. It won’t just affect their health; it would cause an immediate demise of your beloved snail. Salt, soap water, and citrus fruits are harmful to snails as they can take their life. So while feeding your snail, make sure the food doesn’t even have the slightest pinch of salt in them. Wash it thoroughly, and if necessary, wash the food with hot water to make sure there is no harmful substance left on the food that can harm your snail.

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Caring for snails is not a hard task, but there are few things you have to keep in mind so that your snails remain healthy. Nevertheless, prepare yourself to gaze into their terrarium all night because these nocturnal creatures will light up your house even at night. And don’t forget to rub their shells because they enjoy some affection too.