How to Bond With Your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are really cute small animals which are very new in the Pets World, but are loved for their cuteness and vulnerable nature. Hedgehogs are low smell animals. So, unlike Guinea Pigs these do not stink. However, the only challenge that can come your way while domesticating a Hedgehog is how to get your Hedgehog to Bond with you.

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and rely on smell. However, if not taken proper care or without training Hedgehog; your Hedgie can turn out to be a bit temperamental or sometimes might get angry. However, I think that’s common with every pet. So, before you buy a Hedgehog, here is some Hedgehog Training that you must go through, for an easier and happier life with your Hedgehog.

How to Bond With Your Hedgehog

How to Bond With Your Hedgehog

Giving them their own space

You must have a cage for your Hedgehog. Or you could also own a Hedgie Pouch. These Hedgie Pouches are really great because, they are soft and comfortable and you can cuddle with your Hedgehog in it. This is perfect for winter season. However, you must also own a Hedgehog Cage. You can cover this cage with your T-Shirt so that it has your scent and your Hedgehog gets used to it. The cage should not be too small and it should have a little space through which your Hedgehog can come out. Otherwise Hedgehogs tend to feel suffocated and caged, and then they will never bond with you.

Give them time to Bond

When you first hold a Hedgehog, it will ball up instantly. However, do not feel scared. Just give him some time. Allow, him to slowly get used to used voice and your scent. Within few minutes, it’ll uncurl.

Get them to Know Your Scent

Hedgehogs have a very poor sight, but their sense of smell is really strong. They have a long nose and this helps them to know and memorise scents very quickly. So, to get them know your scent, use a T-Shirt that you haven’t washed in a while or one which you sleep on and keep it inside their cafe or cut a piece of that cloth and put in inside the Hedgie Pouch. Do not use perfumes or any other odor as this will distract your Hedgehog. Your Hedgehog needs to memorise your scent, and once it finds your scent, it’ll come to you without feeling scared!

Spend time cuddling them

To bond better with your Hedgehogs, cuddle them in their Hedgie Pouch. You can also get them out and allow it to nap on you or stay with you while you are busy working. When you are with your Hedgehog, they associate more with your scent, and this makes them feel like they are at home in a safe space. Once your Hedgehog feels safe, it’ll start to bond soon.

Allow Your Hedgehog to Explore

Although you should be careful with your Hedgehog, but you must give it time to run around and explore. You can just lay back and do not move and allow your Hedgehog to move all over you and come up to you. If his quills are down, it means that your he is relaxed.

Get them used to your Voice

Talk to your Hedgehog. The moment your Hedgehogs gets used to your voice and other familiar sounds, it’ll start to feel a lot more relaxed and will fall asleep on you. If your Hedgehog falls asleep on you, it is a sign that he has started to find comfort and faith in you.

Keep unwanted noise away

Hedgehogs are quiet creatures. So, any unwanted noises or loud music’s or even the sound of banging the door or the sound of slippers against the feet, can through them off-guard and they might get really scared. So, keep the sound low as much as possible. Also, some people suggest to keep the radio or music on. Slowly, they’ll get used to the same music, and won’t hear any sudden noises and get scared.

Hold your Hedgehog correctly

Many people tend to hold the Hedgehog from the head. Never do that! Your Hedgehog will ball up instantly and you might even pull a quill or two. Rather, hold them from the sides. Hold them in your Palms. They love that. However, do not hug them or anything, as they might quickly feel threatened and might raise their quills and this might hurt your hands. So be careful. However, do cuddle with them as much as possible and get them used to your Palms. Do not encourage hand licking as you know they might find it weirdly tasty and it’ll be a problem then.

So, these were some Hedgehog Training Tips that you should find useful before you headout to get a Hedgie for you. Hedgehogs are a really good pet and they are so much more friendlier. Hope you have your Hedgie soon and have a great time with him.