How to Bell Train your Dog – Step by Step Instructions

Are you thinking about how to bell train your Dog? Bell training your dog is an effective way to get your dogs informs you when they need to go out to Poop. It is very essential that you Bell train your dog which is basically training your dog to ring the bell whenever they need to go to eliminate.

This has multiple benefits from helping you guide your dog to poop in a particular place and also to train him that in case of an emergency, he knows what to do. Bell training your dog takes 2-3 weeks of continuous training. Here are three steps which you can follow to train your dog to ring the bell.

How to Bell train your Dog – Simple steps you need to follow

STEP 1: Choosing the right bell for your Dog

The first step in Bell training your Dog is all about choosing the right bell for your dog. You need a bell which is at perfect height of your Dog’s nose or paw.

Choosing the right bell for your Dog

Your dog can use either to ring the bell. Any kind of Bell works perfectly fine with Dogs. From DIY craft bells to the buzzer bells to small metal bells to any desk bells shall work perfectly fine with all dogs.

STEP 2: Touch Training your Dog

Now, you will have to “Touch train” your Dog. Touch training your Dog is to basically get him respond to the word “Touch”.

Touch Training your Dog

So when you say touch, your Dog should touch the bell. When your Dog touches the bell, you can exclaim “Yes” give him some treat.

This is basically to tell him that he has done the right thing. You can try this activity for 15-16 times for 1 to 2 days.

After he learns to respond to the word Touch, you can increase the distance of the Bell, so that he responds to you even when the bell is far. You can also hang the bell on the dog and get him to ring it every time you say Touch. Continuously try this routine for 8 to 10 days every day for 15 to 20 minutes.

It takes regular practice and training Dogs to get them to follow your commands. Generally Dogs get trained with ringing the bell in 2 to 3 weeks. However, it differs for each Dog.

STEP 3: Ring the Bell only when you need to go out

Now, about the final step. You need to teach your Dog that ringing the bell is only for going outside to eliminate and not for every other time. So, from the next time you get your dog outside to potty, you can first say “Touch” so that he rings the bell with his nose or Paw and then you can open the door and take him out.

Ring the Bell only when you need to go out

Remember that the first time your Dog does this exercise correctly you need to treat him and appreciate it. Repeat this process for a number of times to get him used to doing the right thing again and again.

So, this is how to bell train your dog. Bell training shall ensure that your Dog doesn’t make that sullen and bad-tempered face when he needs to poop and can just ring the bell and inform you that he needs to go out. This is a very useful training for Dog and should be done.