How to Be an Awesome Parent to your Cat? Tips on becoming a Wonderful Cat Parent

You know you are a cat person. Your Instagram feed is flooded with cute cats. You get their scratching, you feel their weird need for constant grooming and you get their meows. But, that’s just half the journey of becoming a wonderful cat parent. You still have a long way to go in becoming the best cat owner. Here are some things that will help you become an awesome Cat parent and enjoy the fluffy, cuddly and furry journey with him.

How to Be an Awesome Parent to your Cat

Tips on becoming a Wonderful Cat Parent

How to Be an Awesome Parent to your Cat

Make a Small Home for your Cat

Once you bring a new cat to your home, you want to introduce him to his new home. Prepare proper bedding, litter box, food and water for him. He might be too scared to even sit beside you. He might hide under the bed for hours. Be Patient! Sit there for a while with his food. He will come out. In case he is not willing to bond at all, you can take him to a veterinarian.

Consult the Best Veterinarian

Look around over the neighborhood or browse the web to actually find out the best veterinarian in your locality. Ask your friends who are cat owners and they’d be able to suggest you better.

Remove Potential Hazards at home

Sometimes we might not know how harmful a certain thing can be, especially for our pets. Cats love to taste things. So, keep the toilet seat covered down, remove harmful plants like lilies, lucky bamboos and more, stash away the cleaning agents and other chemicals.

To Be a Wonderful Cat Parent Install a Scratching Post

Help your fluffy friend release its scratching instincts by either buying or making one scratching post. Your cushions, carpets, doormats are gonna thank you for this.

Bring Best Quality Food for your Kitty

When it comes to choosing the BEST food for your cat, do not compromise. Rather choose only the best quality of food. Go a step ahead and read the ingredients of the food. It will help you stay aware of what your cat is eating.

Grab some toys for your fluffy baby

How to Be an Awesome Parent to your Cat

I know for you your cat is the best toy. You can play with him all day long. But, your cat needs something to play with too. So, get a ball or a felt mice or a string or wool. You’ll love how his curious eyes follow the ball. This will also bring out his anxiety.

Don’t forget to tie a Collar ID

When you pet a cat, he’s your responsibility. Therefore, tying a collar ID will ensure that your cat can be returned to you in case you accidentally lose him. These days people use microchip to keep track of their cats. You can choose either of the two.

How to Be an Awesome Parent to your Cat

So, these were the things that you should know to become a wonderful cat parent. I am sure you are an excellent cat parent already and if you follow these tips you are definitely going to enjoy your journey with your snuggly little toy.