8 homemade Cat treats that your Pet will love

Cats as pets love food more than anything. A sure way to create a bond with your cats would be to give them homemade cat treats. Homemade foods are free from any chemicals that would be good for your cat’s health. Homemade cat treats are the first step to ensure that you are a wonderful cat parent to your kittens. Hence, to assure that you get that loving cat parent role, we have the thing that your kittens would love. We have curated some recipes from various cat parents to make delicious and healthy homemade cat treats. 

Delicious and Healthy Homemade Cat Treats your kittens will love

Watermelon and ice:

One of the best cat treats is watermelon and ice. All you have to do is freeze some squeezed watermelon with ice. Kindly make sure you remove the watermelon seeds as that can upset your cat’s stomach. Since cats love eating ice, this treat would be a delightful surprise for them. 

Tuna for Treats: 

Bake something good for your cat by mixing some flour, water, tuna, and egg. You have to mix and bake it for about 20-30 minutes. After baking them, toss a bite to your cat. You will see that they will go crazy over this homemade cat treat.

Frozen fishy: 

All you have to do for these homemade cat treats is to blend water with tinned tuna. After the process, you have to freeze the mixture. When ready, you can pamper your cat with this frozen fishy treat. 

Tuna with Catnip: 

What can be better than tuna and catnip mixed together? To make this crunchy treat, you have to add some egg, olive oil, catnip, tuna, water, and flour and blend it. After combining, the mixture will become powdery. You now have to bake them for 15-20 minutes and be done. 

Biscuit Treat: 

Biscuit Treats will need two products, that is, some amount of cat food and catnip. You have to mix them until they form a semi-liquid texture. After baking for about 10 minutes, you can give this tasty homemade cat treats to enjoy. 

Salmon Treat:

Chop some salmon, mix it with flour and egg, and prepare a dough. Roll the dough, and cut small pieces out of it to give them some shape. Now, bake them until they are golden brown and Voila! Some homemade cat treats with your kitty’s favorite salmon are ready to serve. 

Frozen Chicken Broth: 

Add a little bit of twist to the Chicken broth and freeze it! To prepare the chicken broth, take some pieces and bones and add some water. You can also add some carrots to have some extra flavor. Boil them together for an hour. After boiling, strain out the water into a bowl and freeze them. Your frozen chicken broth treat is ready. 

Fruits without seed: 

If you don’t want to cook anything, don’t worry as the fruits at home can also work as a treat. You can give them mashed apples without seeds or any other fruit that is safe for cats. Your cat will enjoy the occasional change in its treatment with some fruity flavors. 

So here are some of the homemade cat treats that are healthy and tasty. You can add a bit of twist with ingredients safe for cats as treats. We are sure your cat will enjoy these homemade treats and shower you with love.