Hilarious Truths about Cats – Amazing Facts about Cats That You’ll Love To Know

Cats are one of the cutest and most hilarious Pets that you’ll ever have If you already are a Cat owner, you’ll agree with me on this that being a Cat Owner has it’s moments of hilarious laughter, which you cannot actually explain to anyone else. Those big green eyes staring blankly at you after they’ve just made the biggest mess of the world, and you cannot help but laugh out loud! It’s so funny!! So, here are some fun Facts about Cats, which are hilarious and will get you to go ROFL. So, without delay let us take a look at these Amazing Cat Facts below.

facts about cats

Facts about Cats

Cats fit into anything

You will agree with me on this that sometimes it feels as if Cats are 90% liquid. They really seem to fit into anything. From a small box to a small Fish Bowl, Cats I don’t know love to fit themselves in smallest of the boxes and bowls and they actually succeed in it!

Meow is not a Cat Language

facts about cats

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Believe it or not, Meow is actually not a Cat Language. It is said that Cats generally communicate with each other through body language, eyes and sometimes Purrs. However, Meow is actually developed by them to communicate with their owners!

Cats take Revenge

I think every Cat owner will agree with me on this. Unlike Dogs, Cats are supremely temperamental. If you have ignored them once or not cared for them, they will take revenge by throwing off things or walking over your Keyboard!

Cats can hear better than Humans

Cats actually hear better than us. It is said that they can hear five times better than us humans.

Cats grow so quickly

Not only based on Facts But I think even based on my personal experience, Cats grow up so quickly. As per Facts Cats are more mature than their age. And it’s actually true. Sometimes, the little ones turn out to be so notorious that you cannot believe how little they are!

Cats hate it when you rub their bellies

As a Cat owner, I know that there has been countless occasions when my Kitty has shown me her belly. However, later did I realize that it is not an occasion to rub her belly. If you ever try to rub a Cat’s belly, you will get scratched for sure. However, with the training, they might allow you to scratch their belly!

So, these were some Hillarious and Fun Facts about Cats. Cats are the best Pets anyone can have. Through their Big Kitty eye and their funny ways of life, they can melt the crudest of the hearts. I hope you liked these Amazing Cat facts.