List of Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat

Cats’ diet is very different from that of humans. Are you wondering what is some human food which is Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat? Here is a quick list of Foods Healthy for Cat and Food which is harmful to Cat. Besides giving your Cat the regular Cat food, you should feed them some of human food which they find very tasty and is also very helpful for Cats. Also, you should be very wary of some of the Human food which is highly toxic for Cats. Never try to feed Human Junk food or Raw food to Cats as it is harmful to them. Listed below is a complete guide to Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat.

Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat

Foods Healthy for Cat

Besides giving your Cat, their prescribed Cat food, you must wonder as to what human food is healthy for Cats. Here is a quick guide about healthy foods for Cat.

Whole Grain Diets:

Whole Grains such as Oats or Rice are extremely healthy for your Cat. You can give steamed Oats with water or steamed rice with water to your Cat and they will happily have it.


Cats love Fishes. In fact, they should be given a lot of Fishes. Cats naturally produce a very little amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acid. So, they need to take it in the form of their diet.


Meat is an important part of your Cat’s diet. You cannot skip Meat in your Cat’s diet. So, whether you give them Chicken or Duck you just have to give them Meat.


Eggs are a healthy source of protein that should be included in your Cat’s diet. However, you should always scramble the Eggs before you give it to Cats. Never give raw Eggs to Cat.


Cats cannot taste sweetness. So, if you thought that a small bite of a sweet fruit will elaborate the taste buds of your Cat, it won’t However, fruits like Bananas or Melons or Oranges and Avocados are highly healthy for Cats and must be given them in small bites every day.


Cats do not love Veggies, however, they should be fed some veggies every day. Especially Spinach should be a part of every Cat’s diet. You can steam it and then mix it with rice or Tuna. Also, apart from Spinach, you can give your Cat Squashes as well.

Harmful Cat Food

Here is a quick list of human food which are harmful to Cats and they should bever be given these.

Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat


Chocolates have Theobromine and this is extremely harmful to both Cats and Dogs. So be careful to never give Chocolate to your Cat as it can cause muscle tremors in them.


Caffeine which includes Tea or Coffee should never be given to Cats. This is a stimulant and will increase the heart rate of Cats and this might result in a heart attack as well.


Alcohol is extremely poisonous for Cats. Cats should not even be allowed or encouraged to lick a drop of alcohol as this can prove fatal for them.

Raw Eggs:

You might think that since Raw Eggs are great for humans, they are perfect for Cats too. Well, no! Cats can get Salmonella when you feed them Raw Eggs. You should only feed them scrambled Eggs.

Raw Fish & Meat:

This is again a Big No. Raw Fish and Meat might have worms in them and having those will cause diseases in your Cat. So be careful of not feeding them Raw meat ever.


Although you will never feed Yeast to your Cat you might want them to taste your Yeast dough or they might lick the counter, while you are busy baking. So, be very careful there. Cats should never be given anything with yeast. Yeasts breakdown by fermentation and this releases alcohol, which is extremely poisonous for Cats. So, when you are baking, keep your Cat out fo the Kitchen.

Onions and Garlic Products:

Onions and Garlic in any form are harmful to Cats. So, it’s always safe to keep your Cat for clear of these ingredients.


Finally, Milk is also a harmful food for Cats. Well, not for Kittens but for Adult Cats. Adult Cats are indeed lactose intolerant and having Milk will cause them to have diarrhea.

Healthy & Harmful Foods For Cat

So, these were few Harmful and healthy food for Cats. Cats are very sensitive to some human food, especially junk food and should never be given those, even as an occasional treat.