Tired of Handling Pet Odour? – A Guide on How to Handle Pet Odour

Are you tired of Handling Pet Odour? Pet Odour is a real concern and if you do not know how to handle Pet Odour, it might be getting really difficult for you. Well, here are the best tips on Handling Pet Odour. Whether you have a Cat or Dog or Hamster or Guinea Pigs, dealing with Pet Odour is something you must know about. So, without delay check out some quick tips on handling Pet Odour.

handling pet odour

Handling Pet Odour

Get your Pet to Bathe every day

As much as your Pet might hate it, it is very important that your Pet takes a Bath and grooms every day. For this, you can take her to a Groomer every day or do it yourself. While some Pets love to take a Bath, some hate it. Nevertheless, it is important to keep them well-groomed every day.

Vacuum your Home every often

It is no secret that our Pets shed hairs. Even my Cat does it! However, the only way to get rid of Pet fur is to Vaccum out your floors and couches every single day. I know it can be difficult. So, what you can do is just Vaccum once a day. This will keep the dirt in control and it’ll be also easy on you.

Clean your Pet’s toys

handling pet odour

While we clean our Pet Beds and also our rooms, most of the time, we tend to forget that the toys too stink a lot. So, every two days, you can wash these toys, collar, leases of your Pet. I think a solution of Baking Soda and Vinegar is a great way to clean. You can also use detergent, but very little quantity, so that it doesn’t harm your Pet.

Wash Pet’s Bed

The Pet’s Bed is one spot which is the reason for maximum Pet odour in the house. So, to handle the Pet odour, you need to wash the Bed of your Pet every day. Once you wash it and dry it, your Pet should be able to use it fine and it’ll be so amazing.

Conquer Pet Odour with Neutralizers

Neutralizers are substances, which will help you conquer Pet Odour. For example- Vinegar is an excellent neutraliser. So, mix it in your cleaning agents or just mix in a bottle of water with 3 parts of vinegar and a tsp of Baking soda. Spray this solution on your couches, tables, beds and furniture. This will soak the Pet Odour and your room will start smelling all fresh.

Use Citrus Fragrance

Room Fresheners, especially Citrus fragrance is the best way to conquer Pet odour. You can spray it at a different corner of the room or spaces which your Pet uses a lot and you’ll see how effectively the Pet Odour just vanishes off your room.

Clean the Litter box

The main cause of Pet Odour in every home is the Litter Box. It is very important that you clean the littler box daily or more as pet requirements. Cleaning the litter box will prevent your Cat or Dog to litter anywhere else in the room and when you clean it, all the Pet Odour will be gone.

So, these were some tips on Handling Pet Odour. Pets make our life happier. However, if Pet Odour is coming in your way of a happy and healthy life with your Baby, these tips on dealing with Pet odour will make sure that your room is clean and fresh at all times!