Hamsters as pets and 8 things to know before adopting them

Hamsters are small rodents with big hearts, metaphorically. If you want a pet with a hassle-free experience, hamsters are the best choice for you. Small pets like rats, hamsters, and finches are the most suitable choice for a beginner. You don’t have to pour out time and attention for hamsters. Though keeping a hamster is simple, it is better to have prior knowledge before owning a pet hamster. Many people don’t do enough research before bringing hamsters as pets home and give them the wrong care. Hence, we have compiled everything you need to know before owning a pet hamster.

Hamsters as pets

Are hamsters as pets the best choice for the first-time owner?

Hamsters prove to be the best choice for beginners. Caring for them is easy; they don’t occupy too much space, and you don’t have to worry about your hamster’s health.

Can you leave hamsters with children?

Yes, you can leave your hamsters with children, but make sure that your child doesn’t hurt the hamsters.

How many years do hamsters live?

Hamster can live up to 3-5 years maximum. If you want to ensure that your hamster lives a long life, you have to take good care of them.


Things to know before owning a Pet Hamster

A cage for their safety

Hamsters are rodents, and they can run all over the house if they are not in a cage. Wild Hamsters don’t have a long life because their predators will eat them. Keeping hamsters with you will keep them safe and healthy.
Also, you will need a large cage for hamsters as they are easy to maintain.

Children with Hamsters as pets

Though hamsters get along with children really well, you have to monitor their behavior with each other. Sometimes kids can be careless while handling hamsters. Your pet hamster can get hurt if you don’t hold them properly.

Fresh food for healthy Hamsters

The key to caring for hamsters is feeding them fresh food. Even though hamsters might leave some food behind from the previous meal, it is best if you don’t give them the leftovers.

Bedding system for pet hamsters

Kindly set up a bedding system where you decide when it’s time to clean their bed and when you should replace it with another bed.
The bedding of your hamsters might need cleaning once or twice a week, and if it gets dirty, then you should change it.
Kindly make sure you get a bed that is natural, made of either hay or grass.

Exercising your pets

Hamsters as pets require some exercise. You can buy them a wheel that fits inside a cage. But, if you have to take your hamster out of its cage, make sure your house is pet-proof.

Toys for your pet babies

Hamsters like chewing a lot. If you get some hamsters as pets, kindly get toys that they can chew. A chew toy can also help them keep engaged.

Reproduction cycle

One thing you should know before having hamsters as pets is that hamsters reproduce fast. It might seem cute that your pet hamsters are starting a family. But if you don’t want them to increase in number, kindly keep a check on that.

Can I leave my hamster alone?

You can leave your hamster alone, but make sure you have enough water and food for them to survive.

Will a hamster bite you?

Hamsters don’t usually bite as they are friendly with their owners. However, they can bite you if they feel threatened.

Hamsters are pets are incredible creatures to have around you. They will light up your world, and you can go on staring at them. Though they are low-maintenance pets, kindly shower them with all the love and care.