A Detailed guide to Human Foods For Dogs which they Can and Can’t Eat

Human and Dogs digestive system and metabolic procedure are extremely different. There are some Human Foods for Dogs which are very healthy while some are deadly and poisonous for Dogs. You can give Human Foods to your Dog, but only in a limited amount.

You should strictly adhere to your Dog’s diet and know about the Foods Dogs can eat and ones which they cannot Eat. Here is a detailed guide which will help you know which Human foods are safe for your Dog and which aren’t

Detailed guide to Human Foods For Dogs

Human Foods for Dogs which they Can and Can’t Eat

Almonds: No, you should not feed Almonds to your Dog. It’s not poisonous like other nuts however your Dog can get chocked on it, if it is not chewed properly. This can block his esophagus. Especially Salted Almonds are a big No! This will increase water retention in your Dog which can be fatal sometimes.

Bread and Butter: Yes. Bread is healthy for Dog and an occasional lick of Butter isn’t harmful either for your Dog. However you should not give high amount of Butter to your Dog. Many Dogs are lactose intolerant and since butter is made of Milk, it can lead to some serious illness in him. Nevertheless, a little bite of Bread and Peanut butter is a great treat for your Dog.

Bread and Butter

Banana: Yes. But it’s important that you peel off the banana and then give it to your Dog. If he eats it with the peel he might vomit later. Banana is a great source of Potassium and is good for Heart. However too much of it is bad as it is high source of Sugar.

Cashew Nuts: Yes. You can give Cashew Nuts to your Dog. They easily melt and there is no risk of choking in it. Cashew nut is also a rich source of Antioxidants, calcium and Magnesium. Do not give Salted Cashew Nuts to your Dog. Too much salty food is a big no for Dogs. And too much Cashew Nut leads to weight gain. So, it’s best to keep it in limit.

Cheese: Yes. Cheese is good for Dog. However if your Dog is lactose intolerant, you will have to avoid it. If not then Low fat cheese is a great treat for your canine pal.

Cheese is good for Dog

Human Foods For Dogs which they Can and Can’t Eat

Corn: Yes. Dogs can eat Corn. It’s also a high source of fiber. However, make sure you remove the Cob. Dogs should not eat Cobs. It will be very hard for him to digest it.

Chicken: Yes. Cooked Chicken is a healthy human food for dog. It is a great source of Protein in your Dog’s Diet.

Chocolate: No. Chocolate might be a wonderful Human food but it’s just not good for Dogs. Chocolate has high amount of Caffeine, Theobromine and other stimulants. If your Dog ever eats a Chocolate then he might exhibit some symptoms such as Diarrhea or Vomiting. This can also get serious with Muscle tremors or even fatal seizures. So make sure you never give Chocolate to your Dog.

Carrots: Yes, Dogs can eat carrots. Both raw and cooked carrots can be eaten by Dogs

Grapes and Raisins: No, Grapes and Raisins are Human Foods that are potentially fatal for Dogs, They are harmful for their kidneys.

Eggs: Yes, cooked eggs are safe for Dogs.  It has lot of protein and is goof for his heath.

Salmon: Yes, cooked Salmon is good for Dog fur and skin. However, never give raw Salmon to your Dof. It has harmful parasites which can prove fatal.

Salmon is good for Dog fur and skin

Pop Corn:Yes, An occasional treat of PopCorns is perfect for your Dogs. However since it is made of Oil or Butter, keep it in a limit.

Onions: No. As Onions contain N-Propyl Disulfide, it is toxic for Dogs. Onions leads to anemia in Dogs.

Oatmeal: Yes. Oat meal is a healthy Human Food for Dog. Prefer Plain Oatmeal for your Digs. It is filled with minerals and vitamins. However a lot of it can lead him to gain a lot of weight.

Tea and Coffee: No. Coffee and Tea are stimulants which lead to hyperactivity and seizures in Dogs.

Tea and Coffee

So, these are Human Foods for Dogs which are perfectly safe and healthy. You can give these foods to your Dog and be sure that they are safe.