7 Tips to Professionally groom your dog

One of the most common problems that dog owners face is the shedding of dogs. Even though you have a dog that sheds the least, you have to take care of their skin. If you don’t groom your dog properly, they might end up having infections and fleas. Though grooming sounds like an effortless process, it requires some skills. For example, your pet might not reciprocate with you while you try to brush them. If such a thing happens, the grooming process can be a nightmare for your pets. However, we are sure you don’t want grooming to become torture for your furbabies. Hence, after talking to some professionals, we have a guide that can help you to groom your dog. 

Professional Groomer’s guide to help you groom your dog at home

Make your pet comfortable:

The first step is to make your dogs comfortable. This step comes before you start to groom your dog. Some dogs might feel scared of the process, while others might want to skip it. As a pet parent, make sure your dog is relaxed and use positive reinforcements. Once your dog feels comfortable, you can begin the process. 

The right equipment: 

Many owners do not know this, but the right equipment is essential during the process. The ideal equipment should have dog nail clippers, dog shampoo, the correct brush, and a blow-drier. 

The quality of the brush differs according to the coat of the dog. A dog with long fur will need a sleek brush and vice versa. 

Give them a bath: 

While bathing your dog, make sure the water is at the right temperature. Too hot or too cold water for your dog might be harmful to your pups. 

If your dog is resisting the water, calm them down before pouring water on them. Some dogs love bathing, and others are scared of water. 

Soak them out: 

Before brushing your dogs, make sure you take out excess water with the help of a towel. 

Kindly do not roughly rub the towel on the skin. Gently pat with the towel and cover your pet with it to soak the water out. Excess water on the fur can irritate your furbabies. 

Brush the entire body: 

Now, this process can be before or after bathing, according to your preference. Some people usually prefer before the bath as it aids in eliminating the loose strands. Others prefer after bath as it helps them to remove fleas and ticks. 

Whatever your decision might be, make sure you brush your pet’s body thoroughly. 

Blow them dry: 

If you have to trim the fur of your pet, first blow them dry. After drying your dog, you can proceed with cutting the hair. Make sure that you are using a clean pair of scissors and cut through the hair gently. 

Nail clipping: 

Nail clipping of a dog can take quite a few experiences to master. You have to make sure that you are only trimming their nails and not their nerve endings. If you cut too much, their nails will start bleeding. In that case, please apply an ointment recommended by an expert. 

 After completing all these steps, make sure you award them for good behavior. Even if your pets are acting tough, kindly do not scold them. Use positive reinforcements to make your dogs feel that they have done a splendid job. This way, your dog will also feel refreshed after a grooming session.