Get prepared for your first Bearded Dragon as pets

Originating from Australia, Bearded Dragons have proved to be an exceptional pet for a reptile. The intelligence and affection a bearded dragon shows are beyond the explanation of words. If you are baffled by the beauty of these creatures like we are, you are on the right page. So, before bringing home a bearded dragon as pets, you have to be prepared for them. Don’t worry, because we have done the hard work for you. We bring you some FAQs from our experts and all you need to know about bearded dragons as pets.

Get prepared for your first bearded dragon as pets

Is the Bearded Dragon safe for kids?

Yes, Bearded Dragons are compatible with kids as they show a lot of affection. They love playing with kids and are gentle with them as well.

Can Bearded Dragons bite you?

Bearded Dragons rarely bite their owners. They are very gentle and compassionate and won’t show any signs of aggression unless necessary. Even if they do bite you, it won’t cause you any harm.

How long will bearded dragons live?

The life of a Bearded Dragon depends on how you keep them. If they are healthy, they will live for almost 12 to 15 years.

Can I leave my Bearded Dragon alone?

You can leave your Bearded Dragon alone as they can survive. But, they might get upset about you leaving them, so remember to shower them with love and affection.

Everything you need to know about Bearded Dragons as Pets

Get prepared for your first bearded dragon as pets

Bearded Dragons need the right kind of vivarium

The Vivarium for bearded dragons needs to be big enough to provide them space to move and play. The vivarium should be big enough to fit some lights, branches, toys, food, and your pet. We suggest you purchase the vivarium from an authentic source so that you don’t get fooled.

You will need a separate space for the insects you will feed your Bearded Dragon

Many pet-parent don’t know this fact, but your bearded dragon’s diet will consist of insects. These insects need to be nutritious before you feed them to your pet. Hence, you will need a separate space for the insects to live so that you can serve them before giving them off to your bearded dragon.

Your Bearded Dragon will need a proper bath every once in a while

Even though bearded dragons are reptiles, they will need a bath thrice in a week.

You can fill some water in a bathtub or any container large enough to hold your pet. The water should only cover the knees of your pet and dip your bearded dragon softly. Bearded Dragons share a similar love for the water. So you won’t have a problem bathing them.

You will require some nail trimming knowledge for your Bearded Dragon

The nails of your bearded dragon can get long enough to hurt you while handling them. If nails get too long, bearded dragons also face some problems while walking. So, you will need to purchase a nail trimmer for your bearded dragon.

These are some points you will need to know before adopting a bearded dragon. Many pet parents take things very casual and don’t do their research, which will ultimately backlash them. So, keep these points in mind before bringing them home. We suggest you talk to a reputable breeder before you decide to adopt a bearded dragon as pets, as they will tell you everything you need. We hope that you are preparing yourself to bring these marvelous creatures to your home. Prepare yourself for some upcoming cuddle sessions!