Full guide on keeping Rats as Pet

Friendly and super cuddly. No, we are not talking about dogs or cats. We are extending our horizon to super cute rats. Most might think that it is impossible to keep rats as a pet. However, the reality is different. They are friendly, intelligent, and compassionate, and they have all the qualities you might look for in a pet. So, we bring you a short guide on how to keep rats as a pet, how to take care of them, and all your FAQs to lead you through your journey of becoming a pet parent.

rat as pet

I want to get a Rat as a pet, but are they a good pet?

Rats are smart, trainable, intelligent, and affectionate. You can get a rat because they are just exceptional, and they are good with children as well. They usually never bite, and they can prove to be a great companion for your children.

Is it easy to take care of Rats?

It is comparatively easier to keep a pet rat as they are smart and loyal. But, you have to take care of your rat’s health and hygiene and give proper attention.

Can I leave my pet Rats alone for a week?

Yes, you can leave your pet rat alone for a week as they can live without attention for some time. However, you should store enough food and water for your rat in the cage. Store double the amount of food and water that they usually eat or drink.

Your rat still might get upset with you for leaving them alone, but they can survive without you if you store enough food and water.

Keep Rats as a pet, a short guide

  • Try getting a pair of Rats for their socialization

pet small rat

You can keep a single pet-rat, but they are very social animals, and they need some company. So, it is advisable that you get a pair of rats as they need a companion to share their day.

  • Get the perfect cage for your pet Rat to ensure they enjoy the environment they are living in

The perfect cage for rats should be big and tall enough for your pet rat to move around. Wire cages are the best to provide your pet rats proper space and ventilation, allowing them to play and jump around in the cage as well.

It is essential that you put on a solid floor instead of a wired one as it provides your pet rat comfort for their feet.

  • It is essential to learn the correct way to handle your Rat

playing rat

Caring for your pet rat involves accurate knowledge to handle them with care, without hurting them. When you first bring your rat home, don’t immediately try to hold them. Give them some time to adjust in the cage, and when they get comfortable with the environment, carry them with a light hand.

It is advisable if you carry them using a sweater, jumper, towel, or something soft, so your pet rat feels comfortable. Do not try to squeeze your pet rat or hold your pet by the tail.

  • Control their diet, and feed them regularly on a specific schedule

It’s essential that you are aware of your rat’s feeding schedule. You can feed your rat twice or thrice a day daily, but make sure you don’t overfeed them. Their cage should always have a supply of water. Food for rats include:

Fruits: You can feed your rat fruits like cherry, bananas, apples, melons, and grapes.

Vegetables: Veggies such as peas, potatoes, squash, carrot, and broccoli are safe for your pet-rat

You can also feed your Rat small amounts of bread, cooked liver, and boiled beans.

  • Give an hour of your time to you Rat to develop a bond with them

In order to effectively take care of the Rat’s health and develop a bond with your pet Rat, it is essential that you give them time to play within and without the cage. When you are letting them out of the cage, make sure you lock all the doors and windows and block all the paths. You should also remove the cables and plants from the room.

If you will follow these steps above, you will soon notice that you and your pet Rat are inseparable. You will need to take extra care for the first few days, but after your pet Rat gets comfortable, they can take care of themselves. However, they will still need your companionship and maybe a few hugs.

If you are thinking of getting a Rat, this is your cue to get one already! We are sure that you will enjoy their company and their cuddly nature. And, get ready to be surprised by their intelligence!