15 food items you should avoid for Labradors

Food constitutes a dominant part of your pet Labrador’s life. Labradors as pets love food more than anything. You can easily potty train your labrador puppy as they love food, and they will learn tricks in no time when you offer them treats. The major problem that occurs with Labradors is that they will eat anything. Whether it is something from your plate or something that fell on the ground, a Labrador will try to eat it all. Since Labradors as pets continue showing affection for food, their owners unknowingly give them things to eat that are not healthy. To avoid this unhealthy feeding of your pet labradors, every owner should know about the food to avoid for Labradors. 

food items you should avoid for Labradors

A list to help you with the food to avoid for Labradors to keep them healthy and safe

feeding labradors

  1. Almost every dog owner should keep in mind that chocolates are unhealthy for your dog. Your dog can face loose motions, puking, and diarrhea.
  2. It is best if you avoid milk for your Labrador puppies. Many doctors would recommend you to give it mixed with water for puppies and dogs. Some dogs are allergic to dairy products altogether. 
  3. Some dry fruits like nuts, almonds, raisins can be toxic for your Labrador. Generally, dogs have difficulty digesting dry fruits, resulting in an upset stomach. 
  4. Make sure that you do not feed your dogs with Avocados. As healthy it might be for humans, Avocados contain persin that is toxic for your dog. 
  5. Another food to avoid for Labradors is alcohol. As a dog owner, you should never let your dog drink alcohol. It can be dangerous as alcohol can be poisonous to your dog. 
  6. Although your dog can eat fruits like Apples and Bananas, make sure you never feed your Labrador with Grapes. Grapes can cause kidney failure or a condition of anuria in your dogs. 
  7. One significant food to avoid for Labradors is Cat food. Many owners think it is okay to feed your dogs with Cat food and vice versa, but it’s not. Cat food is for cats and can cause stomach infection, diarrhea, gastrointestinal upset in dogs. 
  8. Garlic can be harmful to your Labradors and other dogs as it can cause Hemolytic Anemia.
  9. Avoid giving your Labradors too much salt. Too much salt can cause Diarrhea, Seizures, Poisoning, or Depression. 
  10. Coffee can also prove unhealthy for your Labradors as it contains toxins that can be poisonous for dogs. 
  11. Onion is one of the food to avoid for Labradors. Like Garlic, Onions can be toxic for your dog too. The presence of N-propyl disulfide in Onions causes Hemolytic Anemia in dogs. 
  12. Though many owners feed their dogs bread, you should avoid feeding Bread to your Labrador. You can give it as an occasional treat, but it is better if you don’t.
  13. Pineapples are one of the best food for dogs, but you should not give the upper coat of Pineapples to your Labradors. That upper coat of Pineapple can cause choking as it is hard to chew and even harder to digest. 
  14. Kindly never feed your dog an unripe tomato. You can give your Labradors red tomatoes, but the unripe ones contain Solanine toxic to your furbabies and can cause puking, increase in heart rate, and laziness. 
  15. Lastly, kindly do not give your dogs food that has too much oil. Too much oil can cause extra fat and inflammation of the pancreas gland. 

Though Labradors share an undying love for food, with a little bit of training, they will learn what to eat and what not to. Till then, make sure you never give any items from the list of food to avoid for Labradors. If your Labrador is well and healthy, you will be happy too.