Never Feed These Foods to Your Bunny | Harmful Food for Rabbits

Do you own a cute little bunny? Are you thinking as to what is the best food for Bunny? Rabbits have a unique lifestyle and food pattern. Rabbits prefer eating more of fiber. Fiber is the most important nutrient which should be present in your Rabbits diet. Rabbits are herbivores, however not all fresh veggies are perfect for them.

Here is a list of Foods fit for Bunny. While many people just believe that Carrots are the perfect Bunny foods, well that’s wrong. In fact, more of Carrot is unhealthy for Rabbits. So, here is a list of Foods fit for Bunny and all those food that you should never feed your Bunny, you should make a quick note of.

Foods Fit for Bunny

  • Carrots: Carrots might seem the perfect food for Bunny. However more of Carrots is actually harmful for Rabbits. It has high amount of Calcium which can prove unhealthy to your bunny. So, only give carrots occasionally. However the Carrots Leaves are perfect for Bunnies.
  • Nuts: Nuts are high in fat, so it should be avoided. However, you can give Nuts as occasional treats to your Bunny, but try and avoid it.
  • Grains and Cereals: Cereals or Pellets or even dried Cereals are harmful for Rabbits. So, any kind of Cereals and Grains such as Bread, Rice, Biscuits or even Chocolates must never be fed to Bunnies.
  • Eggs: Rabbits are herbivores. So, you should never feed them Eggs or any kind of Meat. They will not be able to digest Meat in any form and this might even upset their tummy.
  • Avocado: Amidst all veggies and Fruits, Avocado is one such veggie that you should not be feeding your Bunny.
  • Chocolate: Chocolates are poisonous food for Bunnies. You should never feed Chocolate to Bunnies.
  • Diary Products: No, You should never feed any kind of Dairy Products to your Rabbits. The high amount of Sugar in Dairy Items such as Ice Creams can harm the teeth’s of your Bunny. Also, Dairy Products cause Enterotoxemia in Rabbits, which can prove really harmful.
  • High Carb Food: High Carb food are not poisonous for Rabbits. However, you should avoid it. A lot of High Carbs such as Chips or Biscuits or even Carb Superfoods like Potatoes can cause overgrowth of Gut Bacteria in Rabbits and prove fatal for them.

So, these were some food  fit for Bunny and harmful for your Bunny. Bunny Foods should mostly be hay tops and other leafy veggies. A High fiber diet is of utmost importance in a Bunny diet.