Things to Bring when Flying with Pets so that You have a Stress-Free & Mess-Free Trip

Flying with pets is expensive. But, totally worth it, if you want to explore the world with your furry friend. Here are the things to bring when flying with pets. Read this Special Article on Travelling with Dogs if you are planning on air travel with your cute furry buddy.

Things to Bring when Flying with Pets

Flying with pets

Vaccination records

When you are flying with your pet, don’t forget to carry his or her vaccination records. This is a MUST when you are traveling abroad¬† – or crossing international borders. However, keeping vaccination records handy is safe for you and your pet.


Your small little baby will definitely get bored with the new schedule and new surroundings. Hence, it’s pretty important that you carry their favorite toys. Basically what happens is that when pets go to new places they feel anxious. Hence to cut it out, you must carry their toys. When they’ll find their toys in a foreign location, they won’t feel any anxiety.

Poop Bags

Carrying poop bags are a must when you are flying with pets. It will save you the trouble of anxiously running around looking around for pet stores when you need them at a foreign location.

Safety Kit

Carrying a safety kit or a first aid kit is equally important for both us and our pets. We cannot control the situations but at this point in time, it’s better to go by the phrase – “better be safe than sorry”. Pack things like scissors, bandages, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic powders, and etc so that whether you go camping or river rafting your pet stays absolutely safe.


I recommend carrying all sorts of vitamins and supplements with you when you are traveling with your pets. This is because you never know what might happen there. You might not be able to give him proper food. That might affect his diet resulting in illness. And, you don’t want that. So, it’s best to carry dietary supplements along with some anxiety supplements. Because of a new environment, it’s pretty normal for a pet to feel a little anxiety. You can use CBD oil to alleviate your pet’s stress and anxiety.

Leash and Tags

Carrying a leash and tags is a must when you are flying with your pet. The last thing that you want is your pet to get lost. right? And, even if they do get lost, at least they’ll have a tag that can help people identify him and send it back to you. When we travel, we ought to be prepared for things getting awry, though we might not want it to happen.

Food and Water

Carrying food and water for your pet will help you calm your pet down in case they are hungry. It will also save you the trouble of running to the pet store at your holiday destination.

So, these were the things that you should bring when flying with pets. I hope now you have a better idea of how to travel with pets.

Flying with pets