Pets are afraid of Fireworks | Learn these Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets

While the Fourth of July & New Year’s celebrations are fabulous for us as we get to witness the magical firework. But sadly, it’s not the same story for our pets. If you are a pet owner, then you probably know this that exposing your pets to fireworks can be dangerous for them. From violent shaking to excessive barking to hiding under the sofas or running out of the window, fireworks are extremely unpleasant for pets. However, if you are new at this, then here are some tips that will help you keep your pets safe during fireworks. So, let’s quickly look at the Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets.

Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets

Avoid Taking Your Pet to See Fireworks

Fireworks are delightful for us, but they are hazardous for pets. Hence while you are going to see the Fourth of July fireworks then you want to keep him at home.

Make Sure you have your Pet’s Collar Updated

firework safety for dogs

Don’t forget to write your phone number on your pet’s collar or update the micro-chip that you have attached to your pet. In case they get lost, there will be a way to get them back.

Steps to Calm them Down during Fireworks

  • Play some loud music or radio or turn on the TV. This will distract their attention
  • Close on Doors and windows. Draw the curtains and eliminate any contact with outside air. (Since sound travels through the air)
  • Settle him down in his carrier or crate, it will reduce his anxiety and calm him down.
  • Distract him with his toys and favorite food items. This will bring down his nerves and calm him down.
  • For Cats: Use Microchips and update it with the latest info to keep them safe at home
  • For Other Small Animals: Cover the cage with a blanket as it will cut out the noise significantly.

Go for a walk Before the Firework Begins

Just to be on the safe side, go out with your dog before the evening sets in and the firework begins. Also, carry him out with his leash on or else he might run off with the slightest sound of firework.

So, these were the most important tips on how to deal with pets during fireworks. I hope you found this article on Fireworks Safety tips for pets interesting and relevant.