Fight fleas like a Pro – Best Tips from Experts Desk

Fleas are a never-ending problem that comes to your place as soon as you get a pet. Like humans have lice, your pets have fleas. And these fleas will irritate your pet’s skin, and as a result, you might notice your pet scratching themselves. Fighting fleas is the only option left for you to free your pet from these irritating blood-sucking creatures.

You will find many gadgets and sprays online that claim to work on pets, but they only harm their skin.

Nevertheless, some home remedies can provide you a solution to kill fleas naturally without hurting your pet’s skin, and we have brought those remedies here for you. So, read the points and FAQs to find out how to fight fleas and ease your pet from constant itching.

From the Expert’s Desk

Fight fleas like a pro

Do fleas eventually die off?

The average life of a flea can span up to a month, so they will eventually die. But, if you do not treat them, they will lay eggs that can result in more fleas.

Can Fleas live off humans?

Fleas can bite a human if they land on them, but they cannot live on a human or use a human being as their host for food. The most common hosts for Fleas are cats and dogs and never human beings.

Will Fleas come off in Bath?

Yes, this technique is the most effective tool for fighting Fleas. If you spot fleas on your pet, the best way to get rid of them is to give your pet a regular bath.

Simple ways to fight Fleas in your home

A regular bath to get rid of those fleas

Fleas cannot survive in water for long, so bathing your pet is the best option to get rid of these fleas.

Use a pet-specific shampoo, however, don’t use dog shampoo on a cat and vice versa. Before bathing your pets, warm the water to protect them from catching a cold.

Bathe properly by scrubbing their skin gently and covering all the infected areas in their body.

Use lemons if you can’t bathe your pet regularly

If your pet is too young or you can’t give them a regular bath due to other reasons, then a lemon spray can prove to be effective.

Preparing the spray is super easy.

  • First, you have to boil a lemon cut in half in water for an hour.
  • After an hour, you have to pour the lemon solution into a bottle and spray that in your pet’s fur.
  • Do not spray the solution in the eyes as it might cause irritation.

Combing to ensure that these fleas are out of your pet’s fur

Use a fine comb specially made for fleas in pets. Do not use a human comb as they can hurt your pet’s skin.

Fight fleas like a pro

After bathing your pet, groom them with the comb. You will notice that fleas will automatically come out of the fur through that comb.

You should kill the flea immediately

As soon as you finish grooming your pets, check the comb and see if you can spot a flea. They are brownish in color, and they are small in size. Dip the comb with fleas into a soap-water solution to eliminate them.

Do not try to kill these fleas by using your hands as they jump really fast and can escape in no time.

We are sure that if you follow these tips on how to fight fleas, then you will have a flea-free pet in no time. Also, note that if the problem continues, consult a doctor before proceeding.