Facts and tips you need to know about Fennec Fox as pets

If you like fairy tales and magical fantasy books, then we are sure you would love to have elves at your home! Well, not an elf, to be specific, but Fennec Fox as pets are undoubtedly a look-alike with their small eyes, big ears, and cute body. Fennec Foxes are distant relative to the Fox Family. But unlike the wild ones, people can adopt a Fennec Fox as a pet. So if you are startled by the beauty of these creatures, you aren’t alone because even we are under the magical spell of their cuteness. Hence, we bring you some facts, FAQs, and tips about Fennec Fox as pets if you’re thinking of adopting one of them. Also, make sure you have a look at these Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet Fennec Fox.

fennec fox with text beside it

Can I keep a Fennec Fox as a pet?

Fennec Fox as a pet is great to have around at home because they are always so curious and energetic about new things. We are sure you will enjoy watching and playing with them.

Will my Fennec Fox bite me?

Fennec Fox will not purposely bite you if you have a good bonding with them. However, they might bite you while playing, and you have to be a bi careful about that.

Can I train my Fennec Fox?

It is not hard to train a Fennec fox as a pet if you start their training early. If you domesticate them from an early age, they are easily trainable. Nonetheless, if you adopt a grown-up Fennec Fox, it will be hard to train them.

Facts and Tips about Fennec Fox as pets

A Fennec Fox has different moods and will react accordingly:

One thing you should not ignore about Fennec fox as pets are their varied mood swings. There is no possible way to know which mood your Fennec Fox will be in the next day. When they are in a bad mood, they will shout and howl, which can slightly annoy you because there might be no specific reason for the bad mood.

Fennec Foxes are nocturnal creatures and might not be able to adapt to a specific schedule:

If you are going to adopt an older Fennec Fox, you might have a problem with their schedule. Many Fennec Fox cannot adapt to a homely environment because they were strays for too long. However, with proper training and a little bit of patience, they might get along to a schedule.

Fennec Fox as pets are friendly with other pets in the house:

Though we can term Fennec foxes as territorial, they enjoy the company of other pets around the house. Many people think that they are wild and might hurt their babies or animals, which is not correct. In fact, if you have other pets at home, you will notice them playing and enjoying with your Fennec Fox.

Fennec Foxes are good at running, climbing, and digging:

One thing that you should not do is underestimate your pet, Fennec Fox. Because chances are, they will exceed your expectation and surprise you. You have to keep an eye on your Fennec Fox because they might try to jump over the fences, dig holes, or create havoc that can hurt them and damage your house.

Fennec Fox is one of the fascinating animals you can have as a pet. As we mentioned, Fennec Fox as a pet is magical! Not only because they are unique, but also their way of adjusting to humans even though they are typically wild animals. So if you haven’t adopted a Fennec Fox yet, what are you waiting for?