How to Feed a Guinea Pig? A Through Guide on Feeding Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs are the cutest pets you can ever have. They are so adorable, that you will not be able to get over them. One thing which every Guinea Pig Owner is concerned about is the diet? Guinea Pigs generally love food and they feed mostly on hay. So, if you provide them with an unlimited amount of hay every day, they should be happy. However, besides hay, there are other food items that you can add in their diet for healthy growth. Here is a thorough guide on Feeding Guinea Pig at home. Without delay let us quickly learn some tips on what and how to feed a Guinea Pig.

Feeding Guinea Pig

Feed them Hay

Hay is the favorite food for Guinea pigs. They can spend hours munching on hay. However, make sure you get Timothy Hay for them. Also, do not get dried hay ie the yellow ones. You should get green ones, which are soft. Hay is actually very healthy for Pigs. It gives them fiber in their diet and helps indigestion. You can also sometimes give Alfalfa Hay, but only as an occasional treat.

Feed them Pellets

Besides Hay, you should feed Pellets to your Guinea Pigs. However, do not make the mistake of feeding them Rabbit Pellets. In the Pet store, look specifically for Guinea Pig Pellet. You can give this along with hay to your Guinea Pig. Also, avoid colorful Pellets as they have a high quantity of sugar and lead to obesity in Guinea Pigs. Pellets should be given in a limited amount as overeating it can cause dental issues in Pigs.

Feed them fresh veggies

Fresh veggies will make sure that your Guinea Pig is healthy. Do not feed them more of Spinach or Kale. These have high calcium and proteins in them and may lead to urinary bladder stones. So, every day, consider giving them a cup full of fresh veggies. You can give them Carrots, Bell Peppers, Corn, Tomatoes, and Celery

Give them Vitamin C rich food

You can find Vitamin C supplemented Pellets in the Pet store which are specifically made for Guinea pigs. You can give those to them. Guinea Pigs are dependent on outer sources for Vitamin C. Many times owners completely skip this part and their Guinea Pig develops Scurvy. So, to avoid that you can feed them, Bell Peppers. However, do not give them Vitamin C Rich fruits as they are acidic and can cause digestive troubles. Also do not mix Vitamin C Tablets in water. Chances are your Guinea Pig won’t like the taste of it and shall never drink water again from the trauma.

Give them access to clean water

Your Guinea Pigs must have access to clean water at all times. So, make sure that their water bottle is always filled and that they are drinking their water. If they are not, then chances are they are sick.

Do not overfeed them

Apart from Hay, which is their Natural diet, do not overfeed them anything. Even veggies and fruits can be harmful to them and they will get obese soon. So, keep their diet in control

So, these were some tips on feeding Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs are natural herbivores and generally suffice well on just Hay. However, since you are petting them, you must make sure, that they get a balanced diet and that means giving them fresh veggies every day.

Feeding Guinea Pig