8 facts about Ibizan Hounds that will amaze you

Ibizan Hound, this dog breed, has gained popularity among new dog owners because of the ease of handling them. They are playful and active with a pinch of possessiveness in their attitude. Caring for a dog as a pet can be quite a task, but with the Ibizan Hound as your pet, it can be a piece of cake. However, you need to know some facts about Ibizan Hound before adopting them at home. Facts about Ibizan Hound can help you train your puppy effectively and build a good relationship with your puppy. Hence, we have compiled up some facts about Ibizan Hound that you should note down because we are sure you cannot resist adopting a puppy after reading them. 

All Facts you need to know about Ibizan Hound

All Facts you need to know about Ibizan Hound

All Facts you need to know about Ibizan Hound

Wanderlust creatures: 

If you are looking for a travel companion, Ibizan Hound can be your sidekick. They love exploring new areas and visiting different places. Before taking them on any of your adventures, be sure to train them as they can get lost because of their eagerness to explore things. 

Requires mental stimulation: 

Mental stimulation for dogs, especially the Ibizan Hound, is a must to develop their character. You will notice a significant drop in chewy behavior and better social skills after mental stimulation. 

Less Hairfall Problems: 

A dog that sheds less, a dream come true, right? Well, you will be surprised to know that Ibizan Hounds have little to no shedding rate. However, you have to groom them once in a while to avoid fleas in your dog.

Vibrantly Energetic: 

Some dogs are energetic, and then there are Ibizan Hounds. They have a whole new level of energy within them. They have unbelievable stamina and can work for long hours.

Intolerant to climatic changes: 

Since Ibizan Hounds have less hair on their body, their potential to tolerate extreme temperature reduces. They cannot handle too much heat or cold, and they require a moderate climate to live. 

Adaptable to the given environment: 

Ibizan Hounds can adapt to any circumstances, making them a desirable pet for every owner. Though Ibizan Hounds have large bodies, they can live peacefully in an apartment. 

Prone to Separation anxiety:

Of all the facts about Ibizan Hound, you should know that these dogs have separation anxiety. Your puppy might get anxious when you are not at home and chew on things they shouldn’t. You should be able to give a lot of attention to the Ibizan Hound.

Gentle around kids:

There is a common misconception that large dogs aren’t tender with kids. Well, gear up because the Ibizan Hound is about to break this stereotype. Ibizan Hounds can handle kids, play around with them, and also protect them from any harm. So as long as you have an Ibizan Hound as a pet, your kids are safe. 

These were some facts about Ibizan Hounds. But there is much more to the character of this dog than we can describe. All we can tell you is that Ibizan Hounds are the companion you always wanted. And the fact that they have a healthier lifestyle and lesser shedding than other dogs is the icing on the cake.