8 Fact about Basset Hounds you should consider before adopting one

With Floppy ears and short legs, you can recognize a Basset hound from its distinctive appearance. Many people classify Basset Hounds as the dumbest dog breeds as they rarely listen to their owners. But most of their personality comes from the way people raise them. Basset Hounds have a varied persona. Sometimes they will seem to be dumb, and sometimes their decision-making process might surprise you. 

So if these creatures have taken your heart away, here are some facts about Basset Hounds. This fact about Basset Hounds can help you adopt them in the right environment and care for them. 

Facts about Basset Hound you should know before adopting them: 

Fact about Basset Hounds

Skilled Socializing: 

One of the prominent features of a Basset Hound is their social skills. Basset Hounds are friendly towards other pets, animals, kids, and the elderly. You don’t have to worry about them misbehaving or being aggressive towards small animals or kids. 

They don’t need a lot of exercises: 

If you can’t spend time exercising your pet, Basset Hounds are the best option for you. Though Basset Hounds need some playtime, you don’t have to spend hours on their exercising needs. However, that doesn’t mean you will ignore them. 

Some attitude problems: 

One of the fact about Basset Hounds you should know that you can experience some attitude problem. Sometimes they will not listen to you if they don’t want to. That is one of the reasons why they are on the list of dumbest dog breeds. Some Basset hound owners also complain that they will listen to you according to their moods. 

Hard to train: 

Training a Basset Hounds requires some experience and a lot of patience. As stated earlier, Basset Hounds have an attitude problem. Due to the same reason, they don’t respond well to training. You have to give your time and effort while training them.

They love attention: 

One of the reasons why Basset Hounds are great with kids is because they love attention. They enjoy spending time with their owners that make them an excellent choice for pets. 

Sense of smell: 

Another fact about Basset Hounds you should know is that they have exceptional smelling power. They can find things by sniffing around and can spend the whole day in that. Sometimes it might create a problem for owners as once something catches their sense of smell, it is impossible to make them obey you. 

Grooming needs:

For a dog with short fur, Basset Hounds shed a lot. Many people ignore this fact before adopting a Basset Hound, but you should differ. You have to groom them daily to avoid doggy fur destroying your decoration. 

Anything but quiet: 

Before adopting them, kindly take note of this fact about Basset Hounds. Though they look small, they howl and bark a lot. If you live in an apartment, Basset Hounds as pets are not the right choice for you. You can control their howling with proper training, but then again, that requires a lot of patience too. 

After reading this list of facts about Basset Hounds, we are sure you know that adopting one is a huge responsibility. If you cater to their needs and treat them right, a Basset Hound will be the perfect pet for you.