7 Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

There are few people in the world whose love for pets isn’t limited to dogs or cats. These pet parents find beauty in all nature’s creation and love having exotic pets. Exotic pets are rare or unusual pets that many people like domesticating as a pet. However, there are many places in the world where it is illegal to keep an exotic pet. Hence we have curated a list of exotic pets and where you can own them for our new pet parents. This list will help you which one of the exotic pets you can have in your area legally. 

Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

Exotic Pets and where are they legal to own

Fennec Fox:

fennec fox Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

Fennec Foxes are one of the exotic pets common among the people living in the United States. Fennec foxes as pets are loving, active, and loyal to their owners. Except for Washington, Minnesota, Minnesota, Nevada, and California, you can keep a Fennec Fox if you are in the United States. However, you have to make sure you take proper care of your pet fennec fox as they can be destructive. 

Chinese Water Dragon: 

chinese water dragon Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

One of the favorite exotic pets of owners is a Chinese Water Dragon. Probably they are the only breed of lizards that are friendly and social with other people. For the very same reason, pet parents and children love having them around. Though the Chinese Water Dragon is a rare species, you can legally own them in the United States and other countries. 


Squirrels - Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

One of the most surprising animal to make up in the list of exotic pets are squirrels. Many people think that squirrels are legal to own everywhere. However, that is not true. You can’t legally own a squirrel in places like California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Kansas, and many more. Though squirrels as pets can be a perfect companion, you have to check your state laws before adopting them. 


Tigers - Exotic Pets

Yes, you heard it right. You can legally own a tiger in Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, West Virginia, Delaware, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. Caring for a tiger is a Herculean task, but if you have a big backyard, plenty of money, you can be surprised at how loving tigers can be as pets. 


Degus Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

Caring for a Degu as a pet is easy, but they are not allowed as pets in many areas. You can own degus as pets in most US except for Alaska, Georgia, California, Utah, and Connecticut. 


Llamas Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

Though it may come off as a surprise to many people, llamas are excellent pets. They are loyal, friendly, playful, and gentle around people. If you have a big yard or a farm, you can have a llama as a pet. 


snakes Exotic Pets and where they are legal to own

Snakes as pets have gained popularity because it is surprisingly easy to care for a snake. You can own a snake in Colorado, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and some other places. However, you will have to check the laws if you want to own a venomous snake. 

Exotic pets are the responsibility of the owners. Though there are places where you can legally own them, you should be careful while caring for your pets. After all, they need a wonderful and loving home.