Exciting ways to Give your Cat More Excercise

Giving exercise to a cat is probably one of the most laborious tasks a pet owner has to think about regularly. Coming up with new ways to engage your cats is a Herculean task, especially when you have to keep them at home.

After many trials and tests, we bring to you some engaging cat exercises that would be fun for your cat as well as you! But before proceeding, let’s get some answers to a few of the FAQs for our new aspiring pet parent by our team of experts. Also Read: Cat Facts that are too unbelievable to be cute

Two Grey Cats playing together

Pro-Tips from Experts Desk:

How much exercise does a cat need?

An hour of daily exercise will benefit your cat’s health if they are active. If not, a cat’s playtime can range from twenty to thirty minutes.   

One thing to note before playing with your cats is that they won’t play with you all the time. They will be active for ten minutes, then rest up a bit, then for another five minutes. Therefore, it’s better to distribute their playtime in small segments of five to fifteen minutes.

Is exercise good for cats?

Though cats are lazy in general, giving exercise to a cat is very crucial for their overall health and weight. Your cat can experience obesity if they don’t exercise on a regular basis.

Can you walk a cat?

Yes, you can take your cat out for a walk but make sure they are wearing a leash and a harness.

Do cats like to walk on a leash?

Well, this depends on how you train them with a leash. If it’s your cat’s first time walking with a leash, your pet might be upset about it.

So, it’s better to leash-train them at home before taking them outdoors.

These Tips on becoming a Wonderful Cat parent will make your Cat Love you more

Fresh and Easy ways to give your Cat more exercise:

  • Blow some bubbles to have some extra fun:

Remember the time when we were kids and loved bubbles? Cat’s are no different!

Prepare a non-toxic bubble solution and blow them. You will notice that your cat will have loads of fun by trying to pop and chase the bubble.

  • Have a Fun Time with lasers:

Grey Cat looking at green laser light

Chasing lasers is not only one of the best cat exercises but also a fun thing to watch.

You can point the laser through pointers and let your cat chase it. To make it a tad bit interesting, you can point the laser to places with some height.

Your cat will jump and run, trying to chase the laser! In the end, finish off by keeping an actual toy that resembles the laser light, or your cat might get upset.

  • Hide some treats and let them search for it:

Cat exercise doesn’t only include walks, jumps, or chasing; it also involves developing the senses of smell and using their brain for some activity. Hence, hiding treats is the best way for your cat to develop their sense of smell.

Hide their treats in someplace and let them search for it and when they get hold of it, let them enjoy the victory. After all, they deserve it.

Collage of Cat excercising and playing

If you follow these exercise routines, it will ensure that your cats stay healthy and energized as well. It is advisable that you don’t repeat the same exercise every day. You can twist and turn these games and make them even more fun and engaging. Giving exercise to cats can be fun, and we proved it to you.