Everything you need to know about getting a Canary as a Pet

They can sing, they can fly, and they have the cutest pair of eyes. We are talking about none other than our favorite, Canary birds. Canary as pets is perfect for a beginner as they are smart enough to survive on their own and are small cute little birdies. They are so adorable that you can never get angry at them. So if you are obsessed with the Canaries like we are, and you want to get a canary as a pet, then you have stumbled upon the right page. We have some short, crisp FAQs and tips before getting a canary as a pet.

getting a Canary as a Pet

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Is it easy to take care of a Canary?

Canary is one of the most friendly birds you can get as a bird Pet. They don’t require constant attention or too much of your time. If you are a beginner, you should get a canary as your first pet.

Is it easy to train a Canary?

Though the Canaries are intelligent, it takes a lot of time and effort to discipline them. Some people don’t even train their pet Canary because it takes a lot of patience to do that.

Do the Canaries love their owner?

The Canaries love their owner, but it takes time for them to establish a bond with their owner. They also don’t display a lot of emotions, so many owners think that their Canary doesn’t love them.

How long will my pet Canary live?

If your Canary is healthy, they will live up to 10 to 12 years. Their life depends on how their owner handles them. If the owner takes good care of their pet Canary, they will live a long, healthy 12 years of life.

Things to know before owning a Canary as a pet

getting a Canary as a Pet

Your pet Canary will need a cage of suitable size

The Canaries don’t require a large cage, but the cage should be big enough to accommodate the bird and its essentials. The Canaries will need space to fly and feed in the crate.

Also, please note that you will need to clean the cage every week as it might get dirty with your pet’s excreta. If their place is too small, it will get difficult for you to clean.

You should only get one bird as the Canaries are territorial about their space

One canary will be enough for you to handle as two canaries can lay the foundations of wreck havoc. Two canaries will create a lot of mess, so it is better to get one for their and your comfort.

Feed your Canary the right food

You won’t have to struggle for their food as canaries are not picky about their food. You can feed them apples, bananas, spinach, pear, cucumber, strawberries, corn, and boiled eggs. Almost every fruit is suitable for a canary, and they can enjoy the same food over and over again. The canaries get hungry a lot, so you will need to feed them at least four to five times a day.

They enjoy their owner’s attention, but not a lot

Your pet canary will enjoy your attention only for a short duration of time. The canaries enjoy their own company. However, they do like seeing new faces and interacting with new people. Also, please note that your canary won’t like interacting with other breeds of birds. The canaries don’t even enjoy socializing with their own family, let alone other birds.

Since you have come this far, you would know that these canaries are anti-social. So, if you are an introvert, this bird will become your soulmate. Even so, if you are a beginner, you won’t face any problems while handling a canary as a pet. We hope that you are ready to bring home this bundle of cuties at your place!