Everything about Siberian cats 

They are fluffy with the cutest grumpy face. Regal but a survivor in their bitter wintery world. Hailing from motherland Russia, these cats might be icy in looks but have hearts as warm as a campfire! Yes, we are talking about our beloved Siberian cats! 

Before there were the royal Persian, there were Siberian cats ruling over the cat breeds. And these cats still with their long history are one of the most popular cat breeds to take home to. Whether you are a singleton living out on your own or have a family, a Siberian cat is a perfect fit for both. 

Everything about Siberian cats 

But before you decide to take these Russian beauties home, there are a few things you need to know about them. 

Everything about Siberian cats 

  1. Siberian cats have an illustrated lineage 

The Siberian breed is still fairly new to America and Europe, but they have been around for almost a thousand years. We cannot pinpoint their exact origin but it is largely believed Russian immigrants brought these cats to Siberia. And from then on, these cats made Siberia their home and were known as Siberian cats. 

  1. They are long-haired! 

Siberian cats are built to withstand the long and extreme winters of Siberia, so it’s a given they would sport some of the most impressive fur coats among cat breeds. The fluffy and long fur is their trademark, which has both its perks and considerations. If you love styling and grooming your cat, you will find no shortage of hair on the Siberian cat! Of course, the con is that you have to be prepared for having cat hair all-around your house. Keep your vacuum cleaner handy for the shedding season! 

  1. They are a perfect size! 

Siberian cats are medium-sized, which makes them both strong and able-bodied but also light enough that you can keep one on your lap. These kitties have an active lifestyle so make sure you get them plenty of exercises to maintain that perfect size! 

  1. They have beautiful coats. 

Everything about Siberian cats 

Siberian cats have one of the most distinctive fur coats among the cat breeds. They have not one, not two but three fur coats: (1)outer coat which stands out (2) middle coat (3) the undercoat. So you never need to be afraid if your Siberian cat feels cold in the winter. These cats come naturally dressed for any sort of cold temperature! 

When it comes to the color of fur coats, the Siberian cat is diverse. They usually come in combinations of colors and can be with or without white. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to grooming your Siberian cat. 

  1. Siberian cats are among the healthiest breeds 

The Siberian breed has fewer genetic ailments than other cat breeds. But there is one condition that troubles this cat breed and that is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This condition

causes the heart muscles to enlarge and stretch. But don’t fret too much as regular veterinarian checkups will ensure that your Siberian cat remains healthy for its long life. 

  1. Personality 

As we previously said, don’t judge a book by its cover. So don’t judge the Siberian cat with their face! These cats are some of the most affectionate in the cat breeds. You can fully expect to come back home and see your Siberian cat be at the door to welcome you. Also a quick warning: be prepared for your Siberian cat to jump on you because these kitties are both affectionate and agile. They love to be around their humans and won’t miss an opportunity to show how much they love you by being close to you. 

You can also expect to have long conversations with your Siberian cat. Yes, you read that right! This breed is known to be talkative, although not as chatty as the Oriental breeds like Sphynx. Siberian cats prefer to communicate in low purrs and meows, which is perfect if you prefer to have a friendly but quiet companion. 

Now that we have spoken so much about how affectionate and cuddly these balls of fluff are, you might think Siberian cats are clingy. On the contrary, they’re not! These cats have a healthy streak of independence and if you’re busy, are happy to leave you alone. But don’t leave them alone for too long as these cats are smart enough to cause mischief while you’re not paying attention. 

If you’re a fun person who wants a playful cat, the Siberian breed is the pick for you. Make sure to invest in plenty of toys when getting a Siberian cat for them to play and don’t forget to join in the fun as well! 

  1. They love water 

You would expect all cats to hate water. Not the Siberian cats! Even if they have triple coats of fur, these kitties just love to be around water. If you ever wonder why you cannot find your Siberian cat’s toys, it’s most probably in your kitchen basin drowning in water. Or if you’re wondering where your Siberian cat is, make sure to take a look in your bathroom. They are most probably spending their time investigating the bathtub. Although do note that the fascination Siberian cats have with water only extends to being near it. We don’t take a guarantee of them being easy to bath too! That’s something every cat most likely hates! 

  1. You can introduce them to anyone 

Do you have a friend over who wants to see your cute Siberian kitty? Don’t be afraid to introduce your Siberian cat to them! This breed is friendly to children, other pets and even to total strangers! Siberian cats are very low on aggressiveness as well, so they are more likely to lick your guests than to claw at them. So show off your beautiful Siberian cats, because these cats are just made to be shown off! 

  1. Care 

Siberian cats are among the best pet companions you can ever have. So it goes without saying they are high maintenance as well. From their grooming to feeding habits to keeping them entertained, adopting a Siberian cat comes with a substantial manual on how to take care of them.

  • Siberian cats are long-haired. That means you need to brush them a lot. Three times per day is a must, otherwise, their hair would clamp up and that’s just horrible. A Siberian cat’s beautiful long hair is their point of pride, so you better read up on how to brush and groom their hair if you want one. 
  • Thankfully, you don’t need to bathe your Siberian cat too much as their fur coat is water-resistant. This is also why you should take care they don’t get themselves too dirty too often. 
  • Make sure to feed your Siberian cat only the best quality meals. A meat-based diet is preferential as cats are carnivorous. In addition to quality control, you have to do quantity control of their meals. Make sure to not overfeed your cat as you don’t want them to be overweight. 

So basically the three things to note when it comes to the feeding habits of Siberian cats are: (1)best quality meals; (2) quantity control the meals; (3) timing the meals. Do these three things and you’ll have a healthy and happy Siberian cat in your lap. 

  • Invest in toys for your Siberian cat. These cats are both smart and physically active. So you need to keep both mentally and physically entertained. Providing your Siberian cat with toys and a cat tree would make sure they would never get bored and tear your couches. A happily occupied Siberian cat means a safe and intact house! 
  • Socialize your Siberian cat with other animals. These cats are quite the social birds and would love to be taken to a pet park to play with other pets. 

We hope we have given you enough reasons why Siberian cats are the best kitties. They are fun to be around and loyal to a fault. If you want to bring home a bit of Russian royalty, Siberian cats are just the choice for you!