Easy steps to Care for your Bearded Dragon

Caring for a Bearded Dragon comes off as an easy task if you know about them. Though Bearded Dragons are one of the best reptiles you can get like pets, they will require your care and attention. You and your bearded dragon will need time to adjust to each other, but once you both get comfortable, there’s no going back! So, we bring to you a short guide where you will find some FAQs and know how to care for your bearded dragon. Read below and get ready to pamper your babies with your love.

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Are bearded dragons active during nighttime?

Bearded dragons are not active at night. Your pet will probably sleep during this hour. They are most active when the sun is out as they enjoy the sun, so if you want to play with them, daytime is the best.

Can I pet my Bearded Dragon?

Unlike chameleons, Bearded Dragons are famous for showing affection towards their owner. Bearded dragons love some attention and cuddles, and they might also ask you for petting.

Can I leave the feeder insect inside my Bearded Dragon’s cage?

It is advisable to remove any uneaten insect or food items from their feeding space after an hour or so.

Can Bearded Dragons get stressed?

Yes, you have to look out for signs of stress on your bearded dragon. Look for signs like:

  1. Your pet being lethargic than usual
  2. Not eating the food properly
  3. Hiding at the corners of his home

If you see these signs, your Bearded Dragon is stressed, and you should contact a doctor.

Care for your Bearded Dragon, a short guide for beginners

Easy steps to Care for your bearded dragon

The cage should have an appropriate temperature for your pet to feel comfortable

Bearded Dragons love the summer heat. Make sure their vivarium is at the right temperatures, especially during winters. It should be a maximum 85-degree Fahrenheit during the day and 75-degree Fahrenheit during the night.

Make sure you take them out when the temperature is warm for a sunbathing session because your beardie will love it.

They require a proper diet

Your Bearded Dragon will need a proper diet to stay healthy. Their diet will include:

  1. Insect for Bearded Dragons will contain Hornworms, Crickets, Roaches, Super Worms.
  2. Vegetable salad is an appropriate meal for your bearded dragon as they are rich in protein. Salad should contain Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, and Green Beans.
  3. Fruits like Bananas, Grapes, Watermelon, and Apples are great for nutrition for your Bearded Dragons.

It is advisable that you get only one Bearded Dragon for your home

Bearded Dragons need attention, and they are territorial about their area. In many cases, keeping more than one Bearded Dragon can be stressful for your pets. They might fight or get possessive about their space, which can cause stress.

You should never provide physical support to your Bearded Dragon while shedding

It might be painful as an owner to watch your bearded dragon shed their skin. You might also feel the urge to help your pet. You can injure them if you try to remove their skin. Please do not interfere in this natural process. Let your pet shed peacefully.

It is easy to care for a Bearded Dragon because they are strong and can survive different situations. If you are planning to adopt a Bearded Dragon, we assure you they are going to be one of the best companions. If you want to know more about Bearded Dragons, read our other article to Prepare for Bearded Dragons as pets. And get ready to shower your love on these babies.