6 Dumbest Dog Breeds you will not regret owning

Dogs as pets are desirable companions for many families. One of the many reasons behind this is the unhinged loyalty of a dog. When you adopt a pet, the first step is to make your dog feel comfortable at home. When your puppy gets older, it is essential to housetrain them to have appropriate behavior for home. Though many dog breeds are intelligent enough to adapt to their environment, some dogs will be resistant and act dumb when you train them. There are some dumbest dog breeds that will not listen to you and be hard to train. Though they make extraordinary pets, we have compiled a list of the dumbest dog breeds to know about the dog you will adopt. 

Dumbest Dog Breeds that are still too adorable

#1 Afghan Hound: 

Silky hair and irresistible beauty might be surprising for some that Afghan Hound makes up to the dumbest dog breeds. Afghan Hounds can be a bit tough to train sometimes. Though they are capable enough to pick up tricks, they can be a bit moody. Whether they can qualify as dumb or intelligent is a matter of great discussion, but Afghan Hounds as pets are a great choice of pet. 

#2 Chihuahua:

Often termed as aggressive, you might already know the reason for their appearance on this list. It is the behavior! 

Though Chihuahuas are loyal to their owners, they don’t know how to react with people. They will bark at anyone even though it’s a friend. However, you can’t blame them for barking as it is a defense mechanism for them. 

#3 Basset Hound:

Basset Hound has a special place on the list of dumbest dog breeds. They don’t know what’s right or wrong and won’t even go through the trouble of learning that. Basset Hounds, though affectionate and gentle, are sometimes hard to train. Many owners give up on their training because of the lack of cooperation. They will listen to you when they want to; otherwise, they will sleep all day.

#4 Chow Chow: 

Though one of the best guard dogs, a Chow chow is quite stubborn. You have to take measures to ensure they don’t get too dominant. Without proper training, it is a hectic task to keep this pet. And if they get too assertive, be assured they will rarely listen to you. 

#5 Basenji:

We can’t actually describe them as the dumbest dog breeds, but Basenji can give you a hard time. Most people adopt a Basenji as they are quiet, loyal, and affectionate. However, they are pretty stubborn. Basenjis are amazing for first-time owners and are responsible. But if you are looking for obedience as a sign of intelligence, Basenji can come off as too independent for you. 

#6 Shih Tzu:

Though a lovable and cute dog, Shih Tzu is one of the dumbest dog breeds. They don’t use much of their brain and can be highly stubborn. Some Shih Tzu owners also talk about the attitude problems they face from these furbabies. They have other abilities like loyalty, affection, devotion, but using their heads is not one of them. 

Though this is a list of the dumbest dog breeds, these pets can prove to be better than you expect. Again, there is no specific trait to mark the intelligence of a dog. We are sure that if you adopt any of these, they will change your life with their love.