MOST Interesting Facts about Degus as Pets

Degus as pets have a personality of a rabbit and the face of a mouse. Naughty but affectionate, pet degus will steal your heart right from the beginning. If you have spent your recent days scrolling through cute photos of Degus, then you are trapped in their cuteness, and there is no going back.

Since you have already made up your mind to enrich your home with the presence of a Degus as a pet, then some details about degus might come in handy. So, we did a bit of digging up and took notes from some experts to present you with facts you should know about degus as pets. 

degus as pet

Is it easy to care for a Degus? 

Caring for Degus as a pet is easy as they are clean and smart and can look after themselves. People who have Degus as pets have reported that caring for a Degus is easier than any other rodent.

Can I train my Degu? 

Since Degus are smart and quick learners, they pick-up the training methods efficiently. So you can also train your Degu at home without any professional help. 

Can Degus bite humans? 

It is rare for a Degu to bite a human unless they sense danger. They might ni their owners in a playful manner, but never intentionally. 

What is the life expectancy of a Degu as a pet? 

If you care for your Degu and give them healthy food, a Degu can lie up to 8-10 years. 

Facts you should know about Degus as Pets:

Everything is a chew toy for them: 

Don’t be surprised if you wake up and find your slippers all chewed up. Degus as pets will chew everything in front of them, even the wires of their cage. 

Your personal cuddler: 

Degus as pets are affectionate and cuddly. Most rodents avoid cuddling with their owners, but not our Degus. They will grab every single chance to come up and cuddle their heart out. 

Degus are great at making friends:  

Degus are a social creature who loves making friends. They have no problem adjusting to other animals in the house. In fact, people who own Degus as pets often suggest keeping more than one Dengu at home. The reason being Degus can get lonely when they are alone. 

Purchasing a cage is a must for your Degu: 

Unless you want your whole house to be a wreck, it’s better to purchase a cage for your Degu. You cannot keep a Degu without a coop because it is impossible to keep track of them if they run open. 

Interaction with a squeak: 

Degus are interactive pets and will let out a little squeak sound when necessary. Usually, they only make this sound when they feel any threat or sense a predator. However, your pet Degus might also squeak to grab your attention or ask for food. 

Pair them with the same gender: 

Though Degus as pets are social and interactive, the opposite gender together can reduce their life expectancy. However, if you are keeping a male and a female together, kindly consult a breeder before doing so. 

Degus as pets are cute, cuddly, smart, easy to care for, and everything you ever wanted in a pet. Since they don’t create drama and eat anything that you might offer, Degus are the best choice for beginners. And don’t forget, bringing them in means an extra cuddle session! So don’t wait for some miracle, and bring home a Degu.