What’s in a colour?  Imaginary Conversation between a Dog and a Cat

Imaginary Conversation between a Dog and a Cat

The dog rummaged through another municipal trash can, looking for just one bone in the sea of vegetable peels and plastic scrap. At this point, even fish bones will do! 

“This is a pure vegetarian neighborhood, friend. You will not even find eggshells there.” 

The street dog turned around, spotting a black cat with shiny green eyes lazily licking at its paw. A female, he noted. The dog felt the instinct to bark at this apparent intruder to safeguard the trash can but then decided against it. It’s not like there was any food to salvage anyway. 

“A cat calling a dog it’s a friend?” The dog remarked, to which the cat placed her paw down, giving an unimpressed eye roll. 

“You have watched far too much Tom and Jerry. Animals don’t need to be as divided as humans are.” 

Fair point. The dog rested back on its haunches, regarding the cat thoughtfully. “I didn’t know that a cat was in this locality.” 

“I can’t stay in one place too long.” To show why the cat merely gestured with its paw towards their thick black coat. Ah, yes the dog thought. Black cats are not considered auspicious in many places of India. 

The dog felt a pang of compassion for his fellow animal. Black cats are often left alone to starve, or worse, chased away by stones from the streets. 

Dogs at least get chapatis to feed them themselves once in a while. 

“You know, things are not so bad in bigger cities.” The dog helpfully said. “I heard there people even adopt cats!” 

“Only the white ones. Cats with my fur are left behind, as always.” The cat sniffed, looking down with eyes momentarily sad before they hardened with resolve. 

“Not like I need humans to survive anyhow! Us cats are older species than these homo sapiens!” 

The dog agreed, but let the cat talk. It was clear she had a lot to say about humans. 

“Humans discriminate among themselves too. The last neighborhood I used to live in had this family which had a dark-skinned daughter.” 

Oh, the dog can see where this is going. He has lived among humans long enough to know it.

“Let me guess. She wasn’t able to find a suitable mate for herself?” 

“Bullseye! The family, in the end, had to give money to the groom’s family to get her married.” 

“That’s horrible!” The dog exclaimed. Even though animals themselves don’t exactly mate for love, there is at least the semblance of feeling attracted. He can’t imagine there can be any in this kind of arrangement humans have here. 

The cat shrugged, although it was clear in her eyes she felt bad for the said girl. 

“She was such a nice human too. The only one who fed me some food. She even took time to play ball with me!” 

Oh? Is that some loneliness in the cat’s voice? But isn’t that understandable? Street dogs often live in packs, while street cats are left alone, not by choice but because there are just so few of them here. 

“Perhaps she found a kindred spirit in you.” The dog suggested. “You should go seek her out.” 

The cat tilted its head in confusion. 


“You have watched too many humans, my friend.” The dog cheekily replied. “Not all of them are bad. Some are nice too!” 

The cat regarded the dog, before shrugging again. But she still couldn’t hide the hint of a smile. 

“At least I’ll get some decent food that way.” 

Few days passed. The dog was searching through the same trashcan, wondering why he bothers to continue staying at the same place. Maybe because a part of him hopes the cat he met would come here again. 

A jingle of bells pricked at the dog’s ears, and he immediately jumped down to a protective stance. Only to meet with a familiar black cat who was wearing a very disappointed expression. 

“Humans and their idea of beautifying their pets is too loud.The cat sniffed in annoyance, clearly disappointed at not being able to surprise the dog. 

The street dog meanwhile perked up, yipping in joy at seeing his cat friend. He thought he would never see her again! And look, there’s a collar around her neck! That can mean only one thing.

“Did that girl you went to meet adopt you?” 

The cat gave a smug smile. 

“Of course she did. I am too irresistible.” 

Says the cat who was not a few days ago was moaning about how no one loves her. Nevertheless, the dog was happy at the new fortune for the cat. 

“Tell me how this happened?” 

“It’s a short tale. When I went there, she immediately recognized me and started to take care of me. But then her mother-in-law found out and demanded she throw me out.” 

The dog was confused. “But you’re here wearing her collar?” 

The cat looked down at her bell collar with a catty scowl. “Yes, unfortunately. I can do without it.” 

She then looked up with a faint whiskered smile. 

“My human for once in her life put her foot down and left her in-laws, and started to live separately. If everything goes well, she’ll soon get a divorce too.” 

The dog grinned wide. This is great! His friend found a home and the nice human found her freedom! 

“People say dogs are human’s best friend, but you’ve definitely become her best friend!” The cat looked embarrassed at the sudden praise. “I didn’t even do anything!” “Yes, you did! You gave this human something to fight for!” 

The cat didn’t reply to that, looking away from the dog. 

“A-Anyway! My human can use one more best friend too. Come with me!” The dog looked unsure at this proposal. “Are you sure? Taking care of one pet is hard enough.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in line. And with the human being away from home thanks to her new job, she can use a guard dog.” 

“Awww, is the cat afraid of staying alone in a house?” 

The cat was not impressed at the dog’s teasing, glaring at the canine the way only a cat could. 

“Have it your way. All the best for finding anything in that trash can.”

The cat turned away and gracefully jumped up on the fence, leaving the dog scampering after her. 

“W-wait! I am coming!”