Understanding Cockatiels Behavior & language | Take a Peek into a Cockatiel’s Body Language

Wondering if your cockatiel is happy or angry or if its showing affection towards you? Understanding cockatiel’s behavior and knowing it’s birdie language is pretty important when it comes to communicating with them. Hence, here we will talk about cockatiels’ body language.

cockatiels behavior

Image by Lenka Sevcikova from Pixabay

Understanding Cockatiels Behavior & language

cockatiels behavior

Needs Attention

If you see your cockatiel banging their beaks against the cage or leaning towards you or another person, it means they want your attention.

If you notice your cockatiel hopping, it means she is literally begging for attention.

Looking out for you

If you see hear her chirp as you move away from her sight, it means she is asking “When are you going? When’ll you come back?”

Scared & Surprised

If you see that your cockatiel has her crest fully raised, it doesn’t mean anything scary. It just means that she has seen something that she is interested in. May be curious about it.


If you see your cockatiel bobbing his head up and down, it means he is hungry. But this is only for young ones. If you see an older cockatiel head bobbing then it means that she wants you to notice her beauty and call her beautiful.

Wants to come out

If you notice your cockatiel stepping back and forth and sort of dancing within her cage, then it’s a sign that she is willing to come out of the cage.


If you see your cockatiel scratching her feathers or shrieking out loud, it means they are bored. Now its time for you to bring her some toys and liven things up. You must also introduce some Vitamin C in her diet.


If you hear sounds of a grinding beak, then you must know that your cockatiel is happy.


If you listen to a hissing sound just like a snake and you found your birdie hiding in one corner of the cage, it’s a sign that she is angry. This happens with all new cockatiels owners. Just give them some time, they will bond with you.

Showing Off

Is your cockatiel holding its wings away from its chest? Is he also whistling and singing? It means he is in a mood to boast its beauty and show off.

Wants to Cuddle

Is she sticking her chest or her beak on to your face? This basically means that she wants to cuddle you.

Wants you to Scratch her head

Has she bowed her head down and remained that way for some time. It basically means she wants you to scratch her head.

Feeling Sick

Has she stayed in one corner of the cage for a long time? Well, she might be sick and you might want to take her to an avian veterinarian right away.


If you see her standing on one leg with her eyes closed and head tilted towards her shoulder, it means she is sleeping.


If you see him having one foot forward and another behind then its nothing abnormal. It’s just that he is tired and is stretching. He might also raise both wings behind his back.


If you see your cockatiel tapping his or her feet during the evening, it means that they are threatened.


If you see him moving around in his cage while you are around him, it means he is excited to see you. You can let him out of the cage and play with him for a while.

So, this was all about Cockatiels behavior and its language. I hope now you are able to understand your pet better. This will help you bond with your cockatiel faster. I hope you found this article helpful and informative.