How to Clean the Fish tank? Easy Tips on Cleaning Fish Tank

Are you wondering as to how to clean a Fishtank? Cleaning a Fish Tank is actually a very easy process. Even if you are new at maintaining an Aquarium or Fish Tank, it will not at all be difficult for you. Cleaning a Fish Tank is really simple. And you do not have to do it every day. Ideally cleaning in about 15 to 20 days will be enough for your Aquarium. So, without delay let us check out these ideas as to how to clean a Fish Tank below.

Cleaning Fish Tank

Cleaning Fish Tank

Cleaning Fish Tank

Do not remove the fishes

You do not need to remove the fishes from the fish tanks for cleaning it. However, if you wish to you can do so by picking up the fish using a net and keeping them in tank water only.

Clean Algae growth with scrub Pads

Algae grow very quickly in the fish tanks and this is the only concern most people have. Unfortunately, you will just have to clean it. There is no other alternative. You can use a scrub pad or Blade for the tough spots. Also, first, you have to drain the water up to 10-20% before you start cleaning the fish tank.

Change Water as per your need

Now, this is solely up to you as to how often you want to change the water. You can change the water every 10 days or even once a month. Generally, it is recommended to remove 10-15 perfect of water every 15 days and it’ll be fine.

Clean the decorations in the Aquarium

Clean the gravels and other decorations you have in the fish tank with the vacuum. You need to clean the extra debris, fish waste, and food that get stuck in the gravels.

Replace the water in the tank

You must replace the water in the tank every often. You can replace it with fresh water or saltwater depending upon your needs. It is very important that the water which is changed is the same and of same temperature, as is the Water in the Fish Tank.

Clean the Fish Tank Exterior

You can clean the exterior of the Fish tank with a glass cleaner. You can also clean it with Vinegar. The trick to a crystal clear Fishtank is the clean exterior.

So, these were tips on cleaning Fish Tanks. Fish tanks are really easy to maintain. This is how you can maintain a clean and crystal clear Fish tank at home. Hope you have a great time with your Fish buddies!