How to Choose the Best Pet Carrier? Tips on Choosing the Right Pet Carrier

Choosing the right pet carrier is really important when it comes to carrying your furry friend either to the vet or on a flight around the country. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best carrier for pets.

Tips on Choosing the Right Pet Carrier

right pet carrier

¬†Measure your Pet’s Size

Both the height and length of your pet is an important factor when considering the size of the pet carrier. So, carefully measure your pet’s height when it’s standing erect. Also, measure its length. Finally, leave a few inches extra for accommodating your pet’s water bowl, litter box, bed, and, food. (especially for long-distance)

The idea is to buy a carrier that is neither too large nor too small. It should be just appropriate with little space for other important things.

If you are buying a carrier for your cat, then make sure that it’s at least one and a half times the size of your cat. Your cat should be able to turn around, stand and sit comfortably in the carrier.

right pet carrier

Choose a type

Based on your pet, you can choose a the type of pet carrier.

  • Hard Plastic Carriers: These are extremely durable and easy to clean. They are ideal for a big cat or a small dog. They also have lots of ventilation when makes it really cool.
  • Soft Plastic Carriers: This might not be as sturdy as the one I just described above. But these are easy to carry. They’ll not be as ventilated as hard plastic carriers but they’ll still have at least one or two openings. But, they are hard to clean.
  • Cardboard Carriers: If you are using a carrier for short-distance travel then this carrier sounds perfect. But, for long-distance travel these cardboard carriers are not that good. They can easily get worn out and the cat might push it open since there is no secure opening. The cats can also chew throw the cardboard. Lastly, they are not comfortable for pets.
  • Wheeled Carriers: These carriers are suitable if you want to save your arm the trouble of carrying around your pet. There is a lot of room for your pet to roam around and they are pretty easy to carry. They work just like a trolley bag and you can roll your pet where ever you want.. However, one disadvantage of using this is that its hard to clean the mess.
  • Wearable Carriers: “These wearable carriers are so much in fashion these days!” I bet you’ll hear someone calling out loud as they see you walking through the street with your furry friend. Moreover, it’s a proven fact that when you keep a pet close to your heart, they bond with you more. So, if you have a small dog or a cat, then these wearable carriers should be your best choice.
  • Sport Carriers:¬†These carriers are best for cyclists. Whether you are cycling in the woods or walking in a part, a sport carrier will just be like a carrier that you can stroll along with yourself. Cyclists can attach a pet trailer on the back of their cycles or bikes as it will keep their pet safe and also help them enjoy the ride.

Choose the BEST Quality

While choosing the carrier for your pet, its extremely important that its quality is top-notch. This is especially true if you are taking your pet on a long journey. Yes, they’ll certainly be expensive but you won’t have to buy it every day nor worry about its quality.

Check the Safety

Whatever carrier you choose, ensure that your pet is safe within it. You might also want to make your pet sit in it and turn around for a while before you actually purchase it. Safety is the first and foremost thing while you are choosing a carrier for a pet.

Finally Check with the Airline

If you are solely purchasing the carrier for flying with your pet, then you must browse through the airline’s website or talk to them. Depending on the size of your pet you can choose a pet carrier. If your pet is small then go for a small one that easily fits under a seat.

The final word on choosing the best pet carrier is that go with something that suits you. After all, it’s your pet and you have to carry it. So, these were the tips on choosing the right pet carrier. I hope you liked this post and found it interesting.

right pet carrier