Everything you need to know about Chinese Water Dragons as pets

The Chinese water dragons as pets are one of the most underrated reptiles you can get as pets. Originating from China, the Chinese water dragons are friendly and love their owners. Though most of the reptiles are known to show the least amount of emotions, the Chinese water dragon as pets displays a wide range of emotions. Moreover, they are rare and easy to care for as a pet. So if you are considering bringing home someone from the lizard family, water dragons as pets are your best shot! We bring you some exclusive FAQs and things you need to know about water dragons as pets:

Are water dragons good pets?

Water dragons are one of the best pets you can get. They have all the personality you look for in a pet. Water dragons are tameable, intelligent, easy to care for, and friendly.

Do water dragons bite you?

A water dragon as a pet won’t bite you. Water dragons are friendly to humans and won’t bite you unless they feel threatened. They are intelligent enough to understand not to bite their owners with all the strength. Hence, even if they bite you, water dragons won’t use all their force, just a little bite as a symbol to leave them alone or give them some time to adjust.

Are Chinese Water Dragons suitable for beginners?

Though many reptiles are not suitable for beginners, the case is the opposite when it comes to a Chinese water dragon as a pet. Chinese water dragons are one of the best pets for beginners. As a beginner, you have to do a bit of research work, but you won’t face any issue with these babies as your pets.

Green Chinese water dragon with a finger lifting his head

All you need to know about Chinese Water Dragons as pets

Keeping Chinese Water Dragon as pets is pretty easy. But, you gotta keep these things in mind.

  • The Chinese water dragons love to spend time outside their vivarium

One of the many reasons to get a Chinese water dragon as a pet is that they love socializing. They love roaming about and discovering new things, and that’s why they will love it when it’s time to get out of the vivarium. If you set up a fixed schedule for their time out, you will also notice your water dragon waiting for their time to step out of the vivarium.

  • They enjoy playing with their owners

Chinese water dragons as pets are friendly creatures and love to spend time with their owners. If they become familiar with you, they can also climb up to your neck for some cuddles!

  • Install some branches in their vivarium that allows them to exercise

Exercising is essential for the health of your Chinese water dragon. Since they will spend a lot of time in their vivarium, it is advisable to install some branches that will keep them entertained as well as it will act as an exercising routine when they climb up.

  • They are friendly with their species, and you should never keep them alone

Water dragons are social reptiles and love spending time with their own breed. Water dragons do not like living alone, and hence, you should keep two of them together. It is better if both of your water dragons are of the opposite gender, or you can keep two females together. Kindly do not house two males together as they tend to get aggressive over their territory.

Collage of Chinese water dragon as pet with text in the middle

Water dragons are rare and unique, with a personality that is out of this world. They make great pets and even better companions. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t have a problem with water dragons as pets. And the best part? They love cuddles! So, we hope that you are planning to bring these unique babies to your home. And be ready for some snuggles and hugs!