Cat Breeds That Behave Like a Dog

Do you Love Cats or you are more comfortable with Dogs? This is a common question which people will ask you often. What if you love Cats but sometimes if they start behaving like Dogs – as in they show you more affection, or start following you around the house or when they would love to jump in the water and play fetch with you, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad either. Well, then you are in for great news. There are actually Cat breeds that behave like a Dog. From playing fetch with you to being overtly affectionate, to even loving the waters, these are the cutest Cat breeds that every homeowner will love to have. So, without delay check out more about these Cats that behave like Dogs.

Cat Breeds That Behave Like a Dog

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is the cutest Cats, you’ll ever come across. The best part is they are just like dogs and love to play fetch. People say that having them feels like having a Dog in the house.


Ragdolls are cuddly babies. These are cute and fluffy Cat, who will follow around the house with you. They are masters at walking along with humans just like Dogs do and when playful they will turn around your legs and play with you.


Birman is great pets for kids. Birmans are cute Cats that behave like Dogs. They will not disturb you when you are occupied and shall play and cuddle with you, only when you want to.


Abyssinians are one of the most energetic cat breeds. They are a wonderful breed of cats who surprisingly have so many similarities with Dogs. From loving to play fetch to enjoying time in the water baths, these are just adorable.


Manx are adorable Cat breeds. From responding to their names to being extremely affectionate, these Cats are perfect for Kids. Manx Cats love playing with their toys and running after them as well.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is cute and affectionate Cat breeds. These are generally white and have long hairs. These are very energetic and athletic Cats. They are very loyal Cats. When they select as to be loyal to be a particular person, they will protect them always. They love to perch on hights and observe every little thing.

Ragamuffin Cats

Ragamuffin Cats have a thick coat of fur, which is very silky and you’ll love to play with it. They too enjoy affection and follow you around the house always. These Cats are so cute that once you bond with them, they will never forget you. They are a close variant to the Ragdoll Cat breed.

Burmese Cats

Burmese Cats are one of the best Cat breeds you should get if you are looking for Cats that behave like a Dog. They have high energy even when they grow up and love to play with humans. They are extremely vocal and are very much fond of humans. They will follow you like your shadow and will love to play with you. They respond wonderfully to fetch games and are extremely protective of the person they love.

So, these are some Cat Breeds That Behave Like a Dog. Cats are different than dogs, but these are breeds that show close association to Dog like behaviors and hence are very popular human pets. So, if you love Dogs and planning to get a cat, these are some breeds that’ll make for a great start.

Cat Breeds That Behave Like a Dog